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November 3, 2016 - ShitontheBullseye

Don’t understand Target’s BS Policy

So I’ve worked at Target for 2 years on the “flow team”. I put in my 2 weeks back in July and it felt so great. I felt like I had my Target shackles removed on my last day. Im applying for another job right now and they need a reference letter from my supervisor from Target. I’ve had great reviews since I’ve been there. I went into my old Target store (it was like walking back in hell) asking my old “ETL” if she could write me a reference letter. She said no.  “It’s against Target policy”. I asked why and she couldn’t give me a legit reason. I called the Target hotline to see if they knew why my old supervisor couldn’t write me a reference letter and they had absolutely no answer for it. I think my old supervisor is bullshitting me about not being able to write this reference letter for me. I know she doesn’t like for some reason. Maybe because I got into an argument with her over 2 years ago for some stupid shit she tried to blame on me but was in fact her fault. She also accused me of quiting before finishing my 2 weeks which is also bullshit because I specifically remember my last day was July 28, 2016. lol. I put my 2 weeks in on July 12th or 13th. My team leaders were chill and cool but the ETL was very condescending towards any one below her and treats everyone like a child and probably still does. Anyways, I’ve asked other people to write reference letters for me including my current employer, a former professor, and a friend so I’m covered. Tarshit has got to be the most unprofessional company I’ve ever encountered. I’m completely done with this shitty company and will never step foot again inside that hell hole.




  • MrSharkNasty says:

    She has every right to say no, policy or no policy. The policy she was referring to has to do with legal reasons. I've heard it referenced before several times on this website. All Target is allowed to do is confirm that you worked there, not one word more. If she was to say anything negative about you Target could be sued. My current employer has a similar policy and many other companies have adopted it as well to avoid litigation. I find it odd that an employer is requiring a letter. I've been on 25+ interviews in my life time and never once have I been asked to give them a letter from a previous employer. Most businesses don't even take references serious because it's not all that difficult to find 3 people to say something nice about you.

  • Redday says:

    I have also heard that Target is not allowed to give out any references, only the 1-800# for employment verification. I don't even know if they are allowed to say if team memebers were fired. We had severals cases of employees caught stealing. Good luck to you with your new job! You are free of Target! ...but I'm still here 🙁


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