Target Sucks - We Hate Target and We Know We're Not Alone.

February 5, 2018 - Pyro

I don’t get how it can be this bad.

I have been working at my store going on 6 years now and I have never seen the management as terrible as it is now. We have a brand new STL that was promoted up and wants to make a good impression. It’s making our lives hell.

The store looks like shite.

Nothing is ever zoned. The teams just throw product anywhere and everywhere so there’s little back stock possible. The only time a shelf looks clean is after a reset and it only takes a few days for it to go back to looking like garbage. Abandons everywhere are rarely picked up. When they are picked up they aren’t sorted so we have 5 days worth of abandons hiding away.

The managers (hr included) ignore any and all safety protocols for the sake of getting the job done. Whether it poses a direct risk or not.

The teams block off the cooler doors and lock people inside the freezer all the time with pallets and flats, Pallets leaning up against walls and doors or standing on edge. Fire exists blocked by freight. Climbing on shelves, both on the floor and in the backroom. Standing on flats and pallets. This is daily stuff that I have brought up and the only one who seems to give a damn is our PMT.

Market is riddled with expired product because the team doesn’t FEFO. The morning cull is half-arsed and they leave rotting food out all the time. The wicker baskets have mold growing on them in clumps that fall off when they get moved. Leaking packages on the shelves ensure they are sticky and in the coolers promote mold growth that’s never dealt with. The coolers in the back are rife with expired goods. Some years out of expiration left unchecked I.E frozen pizza that expired in 2015. The only time they give a damn is when another store alerts them that steritech is making rounds. Then it’s a mad scramble to make sure we pass.

The plastics section is constantly overstocked with more lids than tubs or tubs and no lids. Broken tubs with jagged edges and plastic poking out waiting to shank an unsuspecting victim guest. Broken glass down mirrors and lamps. cracked candles on the shelf and yet, whenever there’s a visit or walk it’s never brought up, never dealt with. The corruption doesn’t stop mid ladder I guess.

Softlines is probably the best area in the store. It has it’s issues all the same though.


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  • bigrog44 says:

    Target just don't care. One I went grocery shopping at Target and they had expired foods in their coolers. I just left my cart right there and went somewhere else to go grocery shopping. They fixed the problem. I told the manager about it. That's when I worked there and I got along with the manager then. They fixed the problem right away. The next time I went grocery shopping there the problems were fixed. That's good management there. They fixed the problem instead taking me back to their office.

  • poohbear80 says:

    I stopped doing my grocery shopping at my local target. There were always items I picked up that were expired, the bread isle was always almost empty unless you wanted butter bread or wheat bread, the Pepsi 2 liters were always out of stock with only one or three bottles all the way in the back so I couldn’t reach them without calling someone to help. On a side note there is never anyone in electronics unless you call them because they are zoning halfway across the store unless you want help from the mobile phone person if you go shopping while they are working and they never know anything they are just stuck minding electronics because target is too cheap to let the electronics person stay in their department and hire another worker to zone and restock.

  • Silverfox says:

    Lol its why they got boycotted out of Canada.


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