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May 6, 2014 - anniewhite

Don’t expect a raise or little to nothing

The ETL’s STL you name it will do anything to give you the worst review possible.

They don’t want to give raises again this year.

Expect the most negative review, that’s how they save money.

The group of ETL’s at my store are the worst ever and I have been there over 5 years. They are the most negative bunch I have ever dealt with.

They all hang out in the office and gossip about all the TM and plot and plan to make things miserable.

I have never dealt with such a lazy  and negative group ever. It is making the most negative working environment.

You expect to not be treated well with working in retail, but this group we have now is the worst.


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  • keepthevibealive says:

    I do agree. They would come up with the reason, only reason why I got the dollar raise was cuz I got moved to electronics with the yearly raise. Lol.

  • Silverfox says:

    hmm, call the new ceo up? lol

  • See Ya says:

    I started at Target as a seasonal employee in 2013. I busted my butt for 6 months. When it was time for my review, the TL who read me the review (who was my supervisor for 4 mos.) didn't write it. He also would not sign it because he didn't agree with it.
    I was given a lot of "IE's"; Inconsistantly Effective.
    The thing that really chapped my ass was that I was told that I was not flexible, not on time to work, & didn't come back from lunch on time. ALL false. I stay late whenever they needed me, worked when called in on my days off, & have never been late!
    Then comes the real slap in the face. A SIX CENT RAISE! In 10 years I'd be up to $8.60/hr.
    I immediately started looking for another job, & I found one. I cannot wait to give my 2 weeks notice. I don't recommend burning bridges.
    Good luck to everyone, and thanks for the place to vent, since I was unable to comment on the in store survey!!

    P.S. It takes more than an MBA degree to be a CEO, you have to be ruthless!

  • fucktarget says:

    Actually, we would try to get as many people as we could on Corrective Action. Attendance was the easiest one. All year long, nothing would be done about attendance. But watch your asses about 2 months before review time. Then if you are on a CA, you could not get above a score of 69. That means NO RAISE. Also, if you tried to open your mouth and complain after we gave you your review. We would just say, You're on a CA, right?! What defense do you have. I feel sorry for all you suckers that are still woefully employed in that shithole.

  • allergy says:

    My review went mostly like this:

    I got mostly inconsistently effective scores, and they so kindly printed out a sheet of my attendance for the year. I asked how my attendance was inconsistently effective, and they said I was late a few times in December. Okay, well, the rest of the year was green, and I never call off. ... I also asked for time off to spend with my family and for finals in December, and I ended up doing overtime every week until past 1 am (and i sometimes opened at 5 am for the next shift).

    -not brand, you're not wearing the right clothes. ... I wear khakis everyday (and if I'm not, I buy them), so...?

    -not vibing, sometimes you bring your personal baggage into work. ... And no one else does? If I'm not happy, I'm not happy. Besides that, I always smile and be nice to the stupid customers even if they're mean to me.



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