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February 3, 2016 - throwawayusername

Done Applying

So far I’ve probably spent more collective hours applying to my local Target than some of its employees have spent working there. That ridiculous application takes about an hour to complete at an average pace and of course has to be completely re-done whenever you’re turned down or 60 days have passed. You see, most of you are pissed off from working there, while see I didn’t even get that far. And why? Because Target sucks. I applied to an open position for the Target nearby, took the requisite time to fill their absurdly long application THAT THEY DON’T KEEP ON FILE, the idiots, and what kind of a response do I get? An automated, “can’t respond to this email” email telling me in two curt sentences how I wasn’t accepted for the job. No interview, no phone call, not even something so personal as a text message. And do they mention why I wasn’t accepted? Of course not. That’d be something they’d only do if they gave a shit, which they clearly don’t. Maybe I’m lucky that I dodged a bullet avoiding working there, but I don’t need to know that Target is terrible. I’m definitely not filling out another one of their inane applications again. Fuck ’em.




  • TargetSucks says:

    You should be glad, they're a horrible place to work. Besides that, most states require employers to keep applications on file for a specific period (for example, some states are 30 days).


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