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February 7, 2017 - AnonymousTM

Doesn’t Appreciate Hard Work

I never thought I’d end up here, since I thought my Target was such an awesome store and different from the rest. After being there almost 3 months, I learned I was horribly mistaken. Where do I even begin.

I was told after being kept on after the seasonal period that my hours would considtently be 30-40, but there are many weeks they are well below that. When I confronted the ETL, she was all like “I’d love tp give you 40 hours, it’s just our hours are low and we’re trying to be fair.” And I’m sitting there thinking “why the fuck are everyone else’s hours higher than mine then!?”  I asked them to cross train me in softlines, but they kept saying it’d be on next week’s schedule, but never was. Now they’re saying it won’t be until summer because “they don’t even have enough hours for their own team members,” yet they’re still hiring people there.

I fucking hate cashiering at Target. Some of the “guests” act short and rude with me as if I’m not worth their time, and the GSTLs are always harrassing me every five minutes, asking “so, you gonna get me a red card today?” I am one of their top RedCard performers, and the reason they were green for the first time in ages last week. I show up five minutes early every day and have never called in. I bent over backwards to change my availability to accomodate I even agreed to be their cart bitch when they were understaffed on cart attendants (which, to he honest, even cart attending beats cashiering). Why the fuck can’t they give me the cross training I want, or at least give me a consistently decent amount of hours!?

Hoping to move up eventually. I get more RedCards than most of the GSTLs, and hoping to get paid enough there (or get enough hours), so that I can get rid of my shitty second job.



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  • TargetSucks says:

    Don't worry, eventually you will realize that tarshit is the shitty second job.

    • Aphelion says:

      Lol at I had to get a second job to accommodate for the lack of hours and a few days ago, your comment were my exact thoughts.

  • redcardblue says:

    Forget about it.....You will never move up and they'll never give you 30-40 hours a week.....First they promise you the moon and then they come up with every excuse in the book to back out on their word. Target is not there to meet your are there to meet their needs.....once you realize that you'll understand this is a crappy place to work.....

  • caligirl90 says:

    If your good at getting red cards do you REALLY think they are gonna take you off cashiering ?? It's like most work places that suck.... if your really good at doing something but you hate doing it, you will NEVER be able to do anything else.

  • onceim says:

    I worked at a Target Distribution Center for over 9 years and they have no respect for hourly teams at all. Management treats you like you are replaceable and will lie to get you fired if you don't kiss their college educated asses.

  • RedcardWarrior says:

    I laughed when you said that cart bitch is better than cashiering because I totally agree with that. I think most people don't like it but for me, it was nice to be able to avoid the angry and entitled customers for a little while and just go take a walk. As long as you sort of know the position, it works out in the end run and it's sorta fun driving the little thing around lol


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