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September 13, 2014 - samielle

Does this sounds weird to you all?

I decided one day to just visit my old store that I worked at. The brand attendant that I became friends with said that they needed a lot of help and the higher power has been contemplating about reinstating me. There is just one problem to that: didn’t these d-bags wrongfully fire me for “calling a customer a bitch?” The only way I come back is on my four terms:

1: I’m not leaving foot locker

2: this is only a temp job

3: I get paid much more than minimum wage

4: when I become a full time at foot locker, I quit target

Besides, should I have a crazy moment and indeed return to the red and khakis, I’m in no rush.




  • TargetSucks says:

    So you were released from Hell, but miss the warmth from the inferno? You should accept the job. And no-call, no-show on your first shift. And ignore their phone calls.

  • coolatina101 says:

    My suggestion to you...don't go back to the dark side lol. If you do, do what the person above me said and don't show up and don't give a notice either...those assholes deserve that and more.

  • Silverfox says:

    they fired you because they wanted to get rid of you, except they realized they can't manage without you so desperate they are thinking of asking you to come back.

    Should add a fifth condition, You only go back if they get on their knees and grovel


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