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August 25, 2017 - softlineszombie20

Dobby is a free house elf

Long story short, quit before probationary period ended. Don’t really care about opinions like “if you can’t make it 90 days good luck in the real world!” Well I didn’t go to college and graduate to work retail, so save the comment for someone who cares.


Started mid-July at a store in Southern Michigan. Pretty busy store surrounding a big city. Hired as Softlines Team member. Training and the first 2 weeks weren’t horrible, then I started to see how the workplace culture was. Everyone in softlines was gossipy and cliquey, management didn’t communicate whatsoever amongst each other, Redcards were pushed like crazy (no thanks to financial slavery), employees were timed (hard to complete with chronic illness making every moment of work painful) and since I was new and wasn’t a blissfully happy retail robot, people tended to not like me, but that didn’t matter cuz I was there to WORK. I worked my ass off every shift, drenched in sweat, and began to have migraines almost every single shift due to the exertion and being discouraged from taking breaks for water and bathroom. Over time the culture, the pressure to perform and give “AAHHHHMAZING SERVICE” wore me thin. Combined with feeling like shit from my chronic illness, and no desire to be in retail long-term, made me suck it up and quit. I was only there about a month and half so I didn’t even bother with 2 wks notice, just called and quit. The day before that I ended up leaving 1.5 hrs early due to having bad vertigo all day and the LOD all but rolled his eyes at me, thanks so much for the understanding Target! SO happy I suffered for you *sarcasm*.

Learned that retail may be for some, but not for me or those with any independent bone in their body.

Just happy to be free so I can seek other employment and work on my small business.

FYI Target is NOT a disability or chronic illness friendly employer.


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