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September 13, 2015 - rainprincess64

Do not use WIC at Tarshit

If you’re using WIC, take your vouchers somewhere else. Their system is seriously outdated and will say things aren’t “WICable” there but are at other places. Also the supervisors give an attitude when you inform them of their system’s inaccurate databases and they keep insisting you’re wrong and they’re right. Screw Tarshit and their terrible managers!




  • Bombcar says:

    Target believes, at the store level, that whatever the computer says about EBT (and likely WIC, I personally only did one WIC transaction) must be correct. For instance Target thinks that bottle deposit is not payable with EBT. The USDA retailer training guide would beg to differ. There also used to not be an override and then they demand cashiers have to account for any they did; grape jelly and canned chicken come to mind.

    I believe the WIC restrictions are harder, but I didn't really get a lot of experience in that, sorry.

  • viciousdave says:

    At my store I complain about the leaders accepting way to much for the wic checks people have. Wrong cheese, can only be normal or chedar, bought pepperjack, nope not allowed in Wic vendor list did you read that? Even says in your Wic vendor booklet the same thing, only original cheese and chedar. Leader comes and says oh it didn't go through, sorry about that, here you go. WTF? NO NO NO. But luckily it's only one who does that, others follow the rules that they are given from government for WIC program, do not allow anything but the things that can be accepted.


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