Target Sucks - We Hate Target and We Know We're Not Alone.

November 29, 2013 - takemethere

District 311

To hell with Target. Guess the district manager, the district human resources manager, the group leader, the regional whatever title he was and s slew of target etl’s, some senior team leads and team leaders all who have all quit target-all from the Houston area must have seen/experienced the stressful, demonizing, outrageous company that target has become. Senior management in all of these local stores are harassing the hell out of team members about red cards even off the clock,by  text messages, on their lunch breaks, breaks, calling the the damn stores every 30 minutes to the hours to see how much red cards they store has!! What kind of bullshit is that and these same etl’s hardly get on the registers and if and when they do they do not even ask themselves. I want to physically take a plastic red card and shove it all down their throats. Some of the customers get so angry because they are being asked every time about the red card when they come to these stores. Some customers will shut you down before you can ask them to apply and they have good reason. The interest rates are outrageous! Some customers do not even know that they are applying for a target credit card until it is too late and then they  get mad. Word had it that the new dtl had the stores telling the cashiers to say SAVINGS CARD instead and that was very misleading to loads of customers who thought that what they were applying for was a regular store card like that of Kroger  or randals. Is target that desperate?? Team members do not even get any monetary reward for these applications and they should. I have lost all respect for most of these et’ls. They are all like demons inside human bodies. Payroll sucks. Senior management is fake as hell as they spend so much time on extended breaks, gossiping about team members and team leads in the break rooms. I trip every time when we have a store visit how they all come together as team and pretend as if we are truly a team when in truth there is no team spirit, the morale is bad hence the excessive attendance issues. Team members are eventually terminated when they call the integrity hotline in good faith or being retaliated against. I have seen it happen over and over and over again. It is going to be another year of bogus raises gain. Sick of etl’s being so unfair and playing favorites. Just the other day this customer in the store got so mad she used her bare hands to destroy her red card. I totally understand. Target is not the this great fortune company that they are cracked up to be. The beast is about to be unleashed this Thanksgiving and this mad crazy holiday season. Everything looks good on paper when you read all the target lingo, read the employee handbook but team members aren’t valued and appreciated any more. Target is not a happy place to be. You know what they say.  After x amount of years of working at target you become the target. I am not a bad person and i give so much of myself to this company but because of how unfairly i get treated  and because i speak my mind and i am not an ass kisser, the rage in me no longer subsides and how long now I just want to watch all of these %$#!A burn! These etl goons are just there for a paycheck!



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  • viciousdave says:

    I just work at Target because everyone needs a job to get money of course. They harass me about getting the red cards, asking guests for the red card, tell them about saving 5% and about our debit card too. If a person says no, tell them more. Hmm, well TLs, guess what? If a person says no, they mean it, no. Seriously, I ask every guest like I am suppose to under job guidelines, but I have low score of red cards. Bitch bitch complain about your not even trying are you? So somehow I have to magically make sales of this red card when I have been asking and people just keep saying no? It's not magic, I could ask a million and they could all say no. They don't understand what the simplist of simple math is, that's how stupid they all are and lazy as crap as well as they are not helping when that is there damn job, to help us!

  • takemethere says:

    @vicious slave you are so right "Harass" is the word. Before you can even get to the time clock the etl's throw red cards in our faces. So sad. Our guests do not like to be harassed every single time they come to the stores to shop. I have seen it. It is no no secret. The cashiers are under so much pressure that they are doing unethical things to get people to sign up for the red card and no body really cares as long as the store is getting results. As i wrote in my post "the beast is about to be unleashed this holiday season" as it always has since Target has changed. No emphasis or empathy is invested in training new hires particularly at this time of year; they are not hiring talent; team members are overworked to the max; senior management is horrible; chaos. Pure chaos. And we get the worst customer traffic this time around. People spending what they do not have and getting into debt in and over their heads. Chaos! I wonder who is going to be the first person to perhaps commit suicide come 2014 because they are way in debt with the target card??? This massage data breach is serious shit as it is an invasion of privacy whether we work for target or not. There is something on the news about it everyday and online. I first became aware of retail organized crime when i first got hired at target. If this massive data breach happened from within target corporation, a speculation that many are having right now it may very well prove just how much this company is hated from within. Like i wrote in my post, "everything looks good on paper." If target really cared about living through their code of conduct from their employee handbook, through what they expect from their team as it relates to core roles and keeping it honest even when they think no one is watching, then moreover target really needs to start paying attention to the stl and executive staffing in their stores. If the Best Team Surveys are in place to bring about changes in the staffing in some of these stores why is nothing happening? If the integrity hotline is in place to fix conflict in our stores why is it that when team members call for help they are being retaliated against and eventually fired? What is the purpose of having an HR etl in our stores if all they do is take sides with the etl's even when they are in the wrong? "Target, your stores are out of control." "Corporate greed will get you no where but way down under." Look at what is happening now. Start caring about your team members. Pay the hard workers well. Remove the hypocrisy and unfairness!! Some of your stl's are overpaid while your level one team members wallow in the mud and dirt just trying to survive. The red card could very well be a one ticket to hell but no one in their right mind wants to go to hell especially with Target being the beast to take you there. I love target and i hate target. I love target more or less because of the what they stand for but I hate target because of the poor staffing in senior management which places no value in team building, building trust and store morale. This company has lost so much talent over the years. How much more will they retain before IT all ends? Merry Xmas guys and gals. Happy Kwanza. Happy Hanuka..whatever.


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