Target Sucks - We Hate Target and We Know We're Not Alone.

August 28, 2014 - necromancer


Management needs to change or be revamped in most of the stores in this district. Shitty managers with shitty personalities most of them being the ones who are old school or been with the company a long long time.  Each of the store i have visited have the same issue or concern: no one is happy at the work place hence the consistency in employee turn over. So many managers have already quit most of these stores and for the most part the managers who left are the good ones-the ones with talent and integrity who got fed up and tired of the constant bullshit. Just a bunch of ass kissers left. A bunch of managers who knows nothing about building trust, healthy work relationships. hiring quality people or taking care of guests. Too many chiefs and not enough Indians. I guess because Target pays shitty so we get what we hire. It puzzles me how the great team members who work so hard are under-appreciated and under valued but the lazy ones, the gossipy ones, the ones who ride the clock and kiss ass all day everyday are the ones who get by, get the better raises and get undeserved recognition. Fact. And then then there are those managers who do not get along with each other. The frustration becomes a reality when they vent in the absence of the store team leader. The new CEO has a big challenge in front of him. Target Canada may be the beast that he has to tame with over one billion in lost sales/revenue so far but here in the United States Target needs to revisit what it means to take of their employees so that inturn, they can take care of Target and the guests. It will be quite interesting to see what the future holds with fourth quarter upon us. I am quite certain that more resignations will be submitted. It is a shame what some of these interns or prospective future Target managers are exposed to in some of these stores. Welcome to the hell that is Target. Welcome. I am the NECROMANCER


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  • Silverfox says:

    problem is what you suggest target usa needs to do to take care of employees also apply to target canada as well. Check out the target canada employee treatment posts. Ask disgusted. Same treatment. Is it any wonder why they can hardly keep the revenue up here? Canadians won't take their shitty treatment. They are paying way over what they pay down in the states but still can't keep employees. They are having another hiring fair locally. Target really needs to take a closer look at themselves. Go sign up for some classes at costco tarshit. Then report back what you learned.

  • disgusted says:

    Disgusted agrees. We here in Canada are treated worse then the dogshit you accidentally stepped on. ALL employees need better treatment that's for sure, but don't count on it any time soon. As has been mentioned several times, the only way the yahoo's up ob top will listen is if people stop spending money at tarshit, They understand that concept though!!!! Oh yeah, the left shoe goes on the left foot too people in higher up positions, yeah!!!!! Good job!!!!

    • Silverfox says:

      they'll never learn. Or maybe learn too late. Too late meaning target dies a slow and horrible death and on their deathbed they go if we only treated our employees better. Maybe that would have saved us

  • John Cree says:

    Target is getting exactly what they want, a useless unskilled group of kiss-assers and yes-people. They keep driving out skilled and loyal team members to replace them with unskilled lazy tools. They change good and practical systems and routines, and replace them with overly complicated ones. Target will have to change its idea of good quality team members or drastically rethink their guest service. Perhaps target need to go store-less and just use the internet. Because damn. The people in Garland East 1489-Texas. LMAO how useless The Store Manager, ETLs, and TLs are. Oh the stories i hear from that place I'm rather happy they drove me from that ship-wreck of a store. I feel so bad for the people i know that are stuck there.


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