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September 23, 2014 - edge

Disabled TMs?

I was curious, does anyone know if disabled TMs get longer break and lunch periods than non-disabled TMs? If not… I think one of the laziest TMs I’m stuck with is totally taking advantage…


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  • TargetSucks says:

    If you're jealous of somebody in a wheel chair's break time, you've got issues.

  • bdubs2014 says:

    There was an operator at our store that was disabled, and she got the same amount and length of breaks as everyone else did, but she could still walk. It might be different if your coworker is in a wheel chair. Either way, if they're disabled and need a few more minutes, don't worry about it.

  • edge says:

    This one isn't in a wheel chair. She can walk. Just noticed she likes to turn her breaks into almost hour long ones

  • edge says:

    I was simply asking if disabled rules are different to find a reason why I've watched her take nice hour long leisurely breaks when she is not in a wheel chair or has any obvious condition.
    Way to jump to a conclusion guys. I'm not that fucked up as to be jealous of someone in a wheel chair, thank you. I am simply curious if I'm watching someone take advantage of the system that was meant for people who actually need it, not someone who is stupid and lazy.

  • Theretailreject says:

    No, normally they cut hours of disabled TM and try to get them to quit. It's illegal but it is common


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