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April 2, 2015 - LogInMyPants

Didn’t take fake $100 bill, Got in trouble.

okay, let me first start off by saying this is bullshit. I work hard lines, Café, cart attendant, bikes, groceries, and electronics. About a week ago I was working hard lines and they called cashiers for back up like they always do. I decided to go up because nobody else was responding. Some old lady came up to my register and she wanted to purchase a seven dollar lamp. As she scrambled through her purse she managed to pull out a $100 bill (the old ones they don’t use anymore). When she handed it to me. It looked and felt so fake in my hands. At this point I didn’t know what to say so I turned around and asked one of the LODs to come to my register for guest assistance. While the LOD was coming over, I pointed the bill into the light to see if there was a security marking on it and there wasn’t. The LOD told the guest/theift that the security Bar could have came off in the washing machine *awkwardly* the lady then rushed out the door quickly. Later that day I got called to the office and was coached because of that. I was laughing because this was so stupid to me that I got in trouble for that.. Apparently even if the money is fake, you have to take it regardless and give them real money in return. They said we have to “trust our guest” i said “if you trust them so much, why do you have over 1,000 cameras in the store  -_- outsmarted the LOD right there. I just saved target $100 and got in trouble for it.. Smh 


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  • RedCardFairy says:

    Again, this is the most backward company ever. They have this belief that their "guests" are something special when the reality is they are rude, lying, thieves.

  • poohbear80 says:

    Target thinks their guests are dumb not out to get people thats why they need cashiers to stand at checklane ends to tell them how to checkout remind them what the light means and oh look you are waiting on a long line but look over here if you walk your lazy butt a few aisles down there is a shorter one ISN'T THAT AMAZING?! You werent smart enough to read the print on what specific items give you a gift card it's fine just take one anyway! Someone put this in clearance and even though it doesn't have a sticker and was probably just moved there by another lazy but like yourself it's fine I'll change the price because I know you can't fathom the idea it might have been moved to the wrong place, that's too much for you to handle. You have a red card?! Just to remind you can set a school to get 1% donation from target for what you spend etc etc (customer:"wow, really?!) You see from just those examples alone on our job duties and there are many more, those are just the cashiering ones target thinks their guests are stupid. The old lady really didn't mean to have a fake $100 and you had no right to deny it, they should take targets money because they can't comprehend they had a fake and they will be upset and it will just lose business for target who has less marbles then the guests.

  • rainprincess64 says:

    Yup just like with fake checks, fraudulent gift cards, stolen credit cards, The cashiers are pretty much told to take them anyways or else your job's ass is on the line. It's the dumbest shitty ass company anyone can work for that I can think of right now....

  • Silverfox says:

    no wonder they are losing money and running away from canada but guess what? tarshit can get a giant 1. 6 billion in a tax break from the us government if thry lose money.

  • viciousdave says:

    I hate Target as well as I work for them also. But I got a guy with a fake $100 once right in a bank envelope from a credit union bank. He gives me the $100, we have to highlight it with the police highlighter to find fakes. What do you know? Credit unions make fake money! Real banks are the only ones with real money. Guy took it well and said oh my, I'll take this to my bank and show them than. But anyways. Yeah, Target is a shithole. Hey no wait, that said half off if I buy two of those. Why isn't the computer doing it? Because it's not that item, it's probably the one right next to it on the shelf but did you even bother to read? NO, because your all lazy dick head customers who think you get shit free because something is just in the wrong area. Oh no orrange clearance tag yet oh no no I black and I speak oh yo crazy slang yo and that's clearance at only 5. Hmmm, no clearance sticker. NO! For fuck sake people. Know the rules. No sticker, no clearance. All clearance items have the orrange sticker on them. Oh and if the team forgot to take down the 50% off large signs for mega sale times of some items people wah wah and say but but but it said 50% off I'm not satisfied. Screw you, it was down last week idiot. the stupid sales floor forgot take it down, OMFG!!!!!!!!! It's the most terrable retail job of all time I swear!

  • Silverfox says:

    some people are fucking lazy idiots. had one idiot complain and yell continuously because the register didn't tell them how much they had left in their prepaid credit card. duh call the number on the back of the card yourself. idiot kept complaining and insisting we should know. customers were like wtf is he bitching about?

    • Silverfox says:

      idiot screamed at supervisor as well. and one lady was like i'll testify for you if worst comes to worst. when learning what he was bitching about people were like wtf lol.

      • keepthevibealive says:

        Actually. Some of those shows the balance on the receipt. I didn't think so either til I looked. But I think it's just certain ones......


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