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November 30, 2017 - ashcrasmashlee

Didn’t last one month

Before I get started here’s some background on myself. I’m a very loyal employee. I don’t just quit, I always give notice. I have always worked at a place longer than 3 years. Not Target though. See, I got hired and at orientation they bragged about the atmosphere of Target being a great place to work. Now being in retail for 11+ years I should’ve know what a farce that was, but I digress. I have never seen such awful management.

So I am the type of person that gives everyone a chance. I mean everybody is entitled to a bad day and I just don’t base opinions on rumors and first impressions. But my God.

I started in October as a cashier and boy did I shine. I was ringing by myself after 45 mins and training people on my second shift. That was a mistake. So they were like ‘oh so even though you asked to be part time we are going to give you full time hours.’ But whatever, right?

Then about week 3 I start getting lectured. I let the GSTL know that a guest left their bags by accident. Then for about 5-10 mins I get lectured on how I always need to put the bags in the cart for the guest and how it’s my responsibility blah blah blah.  This is as I was still helping guests check out. Once she finally shuts up and walks away the guest I was helping says, “Was that really necessary for her to berate you like that over some left items?  I mean, my god, you can’t live your life believing the guests are always right. They need to take some responsibility for themselves.”

So after that I try to finish out my week. The next day I come in and take over a register for someone to go on their lunch and start getting berated again. The same GSTL comes over and starts lecturing me on how we aren’t supposed to throw out bags they cost a lot of money and just because they don’t stay attached to the rest of the bags we still need to use them. Again, in front of a customer. I was not the one who put them in the trash but I say ok and just try to get her to go away. At this point I’m trying to stay calm and the customer is trying to reason with her but nope, I am wrong. Ok, fine.

Fast forward Black Friday. *insert major eye roll here.* Yes I know it’s the biggest day of the year. My alarm didn’t go off. So instead of being to work at 5:45am I got there at 6. I tried calling 3 times and no one answers the goddamn phone.  I text my fiancé’s brother to tell him. He immediately answers and radios the STL. The STL starts listening then changed the channel and didn’t respond after that.  So I rush in and try to apologize to the GSTL. I get glared at the minute I walk thru the door by her then she yells at me. Ok, fine. I run and clock in. Trying to hold back my anger tears, I ask her what register she would like me on and start ringing. I’m so peeved at this point that mustering up a smile is painful but I do it. 2 hours later I’m starting to get over the whole thing because I am not the type to hold grudges and she comes over to me and tells me I need to smile. I’ve been smiling this entire time until she came over. Now I’m fuming. She’s telling me it’s Black Friday and everyone is having a rough time. Lady, are you fucking kidding me right now? I couldn’t even look at her I was so angry. I wanted to punch her in the face. I walked away. Then every time I needed something (price check, money, bags) I would have to wait a legit decade and a half while all the managers stood in a circle and gossiped. That was last week.  I worked Saturday, had Sunday off, worked Monday and was still so annoyed with the whole situation that I called out Tuesday. That’s place gave me so much anxiety that today I walked in and quit on the spot. I’m not that type of person. I usually write a formal letter and give at least a months notice but I couldn’t do it anymore.



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  • MrSharkNasty says:

    Everything you wrote sounds exactly like Target. I had years of prior retail experience as well. Target is a complete joke. I thought working at my Home Improvement store was bad(I lasted there 6 years), Target completely changed my perspective on that( I quit without notice after 6-months). I don't know where they find their management, but these people are some of the most unintelligent people I have met in my entire life. I can tell your competent hard worker by your writing alone. I find it very unlikely anyone staying at Target for a length of time can write that well. The people who stick around have low self-esteem and simply are not intelligent enough to get out of there.

  • Silverfox says:

    Awful management is why tarshit didn't last in Canada. Lasted barely two years and ran away declaring bankruptcy

  • spirals73 says:

    Everything Shark said + this: "Then for about 5-10 mins I get lectured on how I always need to put the bags in the cart for the guest and how it’s my responsibility blah blah blah." Yeeeahhhh NO. First, it's not a luxury store. It's a mart. Second, I can't lift more than 15 lbs anyway and I'm certainly not doing that all night! Fortunately my new job requires me to do no such thing.


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