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December 23, 2013 - MsVendetta87

Despite the concept of promoting diversity I believe I’m being “punished” for being different

I have been working for this particular Target for nearly four months now. I was initially hired for ready-to-wear/fitting room department.

I recently had my 90 day review, I have not been late ONCE, I have NEVER called in sick, I have never breached compliance, and I have not only been present for every scheduled shift but I would extend my shift at request of the LOD and I have even stayed 11 hours during one work day, I have come in on my days off to cover a call-out and I’ve had completely open availability.


Apparently (as I learned from my LOD and department LOD the vibe score has been in the RED for years in my department) about 4-5 weeks after I began working in my department suddenly the store manager applauded that my department is in GREEN for the first time this year. Since I have received customer comments/recognition, I educate guests about cartwheel, offer to fetch additional sizes of apparel items,  and I’m the only one in my department mentioning the customer surveys it’s safe to say that I contributed to this vibe score.  I also have had many customer comments about my great customer service on the phone, also multiple times I have caught sale signs in the wrong location, figured out how to print the correct signs (without any former training by Target and replaced them myself. With LODs approval.) I zone well and have even been called upon to flex certain aisles, and softline fixtures. I am rewarded by having my hours cut nearly in half.  (a funny coincidence since I have been pretty much non-existent in this department the store manager regrets to inform the TL that the department is again in RED.)


I was also cross trained for Cashier (as most associates are) I requested any extra shifts from the GSTL and still nothing. I had to cross my fingers for call-outs, swipe some forfeited shifts and even one of my friends who is a cashier is begging the GSTL to CUT her hours because she was promoted at her other job and she said “my friend looking for hours would like them.” Still to this day they continue to schedule her outside of her availability and they still won’t give me her hours, she has recently been coached for signing over her hours to me regularly.


I have previous extensive sales experience, customer service skills, planograms, inventory stocking. I also have intermediate management experience (a basic lead sales employee). I have offered to cross-train in Electronics (since I am fairly knowledgeable in the majority of the electronic products, I have a food-handlers permit and I offered to cross-train in Food Ave which apparently we need extra coverage in. I am capable of multi-tasking such as answering phones, supervising cashier breaks/shifts, conducting returns, sorting reshop. I already KNOW how to do everything that a GSTM does and I constantly hear them requesting back up, as well as electronics and I sit with all my work done, just super-zoning my department knowing that I am more than capable of helping but I am not allowed to…even though I have mentioned I can help work guest service if necessary. (Which funny thing again, my team member in my department, who half-asses her job regularly and talks constantly with other team members and shows up late constantly or calls in sick frequently is approved to train at guest services and she doesn’t even have a grasp of guest service. Not to mention she has limited availability due to college, unlike me who has completely open availability.


THEN let’s move on to my 90 day review. Not only is my actual TL unavailable or perhaps unwilling to actually do my review (she doesn’t seem to like me much and I could count the amount of interactions I’ve had with her on one hand in my 90 days of employment.) A different TL did my review, he wasn’t aware nor did he acknowledge my perfect attendance but he said I do not support my team members and I do not push sales. Yet if you go into employee area I counted 4 team comment cards for me commending ,my great customer service skills and my ability to drive sales.  I even challenged that and the TL said “well I have yet to see you do that,” ….um what??

This TL informed me that I am being pulled out of my department (which isn’t much of anything anyway at this point) and I will be moved to sales floor which is his department. The leaders thought I would be a good fit for the sales floor because of my great customer service and how I PUSH SALES, does anyone else find that hilariously hypocritical? But I have yet to get much of sales floor hours because I am recovering from extensive surgeries that kept me from walking for 6+ months and transporting heavy objects such as pulls, team lifts etc I cannot do, so how exactly am I suppose to do sales floor?


Then in the state I work in the target dress code is a bit more lenient and we are permitted to wear black or khaki with a red top (or vest). For over 4 weeks I had been working 4-5 days a week and I was wearing a burlesque style goth black skirt that draped over a red skirt and I wore a red shirt. I also happen to order a hoopskirt recently and adjusted it very small and wore it underneath my usual skirt combo. The HR pulled me in their office and said that is not allowed, it’s not brand, and further stated you have to wear black or khaki bottoms, so I dropped the ties that drape the black skirt and then it was all black. HR then said that still isn’t okay. So I asked what if I find a skirt like this but khaki colored? The HR still said no. I asked if it was the hoopskirt as I showed them. HR claims yes that is against dress code policy, as the HR waves the employee handbook in hand. So I just apologized went back to work, I read the entire employee handbook thoroughly when I went home, no where does it say that I cannot wear a hoopskirt or a petty coat underneath a skirt that is the approved team color for Target. And I am still debating on if I want to make a corporate call on this or not. I believe the employee handbook either should specify what is ALLOWED and what is NOT or the HR needs to be educated on that section of the handbook detailing “embracing diversity among team members.”


I really hope not all Target’s are like this because as a company (judging from it’s policy’s) I like this company but at this store I believe I am being intentionally overlooked as the valuable employee that I am and for all the flakes and half-ass employees at this Target one of the rare few who gives their 100% and is versatile and completely available is ignored, is receiving the same dedication and respect as I am giving. I am going to be the bigger person and continue my amazing record and hope that I would actually earn a promoted position and/or be able to apply for a TL position at another Target location in the future.


I feel just because of my personal style choice, my somewhat outgoing competitive personality, my shameless comments to management about witnessing team members violating policy, lack of productivity and intentionally cutting corners and my lack of superficiality and being content with making up fake recognition comments for team members who did nothing of merit to earn recognition.


That….was ridiculously long but necessary, I feel LOADS better.


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  • MsVendetta87 says:

    Yeah...a few of the LODs really like me (from what I gather) but there are one or two that just HATE me. I am a bit of a high strung person because I have OCD/anxiety and sometimes I talk fast or mix up my words when I feel anxious. A few times I have approached the two LODs with a problem and just because I get this overwhelming vibe they are clearly irritated with me it just makes my anxiety worse. My TL for my department is one that hates talking to me, also I'm sure she doesn't like me because numerous times I've made suggestions and corrections to her that I have or did and come to find out I was correcting her work/projects (which I didn't know). So she won't even talk to me, and when I offer to help when she is setting the ready-to-wear she insists she doesn't want me to help yet...this past weekend many fixtures were empty and the LOD that evening just told me to grab stuff and flex it in because the empty fixtures right at the front look awful.
    A few team members complimented the flexing I did (since I know how to set planograms from previous jobs) and apparently that upset my TL even more.

    Then the other LOD that thinks I'm scatterbrained and incapable of doing my job, he is the GSTL and although I know how to run guest service and all the GSTM have said "why aren't you trained up here" and have even left their employee number logged in and let me assist with a huge line when there was no relief. Yet even though I've mentioned this to NUMEROUS TL that GSTL will NOT allow me to be trained (more like just make my number able to do returns) . I don't fucking get it!!!


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