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May 21, 2010 -

Department of Weights & Measures anyone?

I needed something from the stupid store. I went there. They had it, 6 of the same item on a peg for $4. Rings up at $8. Do I care THAT much about $4? No. But if you have a product with a price, and it isn’t just one misplaced item…HONOR THE FUCKING PRICE. $4 is a small price to pay for good customer service, a concept that Target doesn’t get.


If you find a price discrepancy, take a picture! Send it to the Department of Weights and Measures. Target is chock full of price issues and violations. It’s been a long time since I was a retail manager, but at the time the fine was $1000 per violation. If everyone makes an effort to take pictures and file complaints, we can hurt the stupid company that loves to screw over its customers and employees alike.

Get to work!!!




  • natgabe716 says:

    I got screwed for a fucking seat cover. I thought I was getting it "clearance" but ends up I paid DOUBLE and the product that was on my receipt did not match the product I got, soooo, when it ripped and I went to return it, I found that #1. I got ripped off and #2. I could not return the item. SO YES I DO SAY FUCK TARGET IN THE ASS WITH SOMETHING HARD AND SANDPAPERY!!

  • rileymacd says:

    You have a lot of power to get them in trouble especially in New York, when it comes to Weights and Measures. All food and Health and Beauty Aids(HBA) are required to have a price sticker put on them. However, Target management doesn't want to pay the huge amount of payroll it takes to put stickers on 1000's of items daily so they bribe the city officials to look the other way. 2 K-marts in NY got fined almost 3 million dollars about 5 years ago when they were caught with 1000's of items unstickered at $1500 per item. I know the store manager at the Mt. Vernon, NY store gave Wii game units and bikes to a "charity" presided over by the head of the Weights and Measures dept in Westchester so that he would overlook their non-tagging.

  • TargetTM says:

    Several problems with this logic. Yes, it'd be nice if everything was labeled with a price sticker, but what about ticket switchers? Or do labels come with some sub-nuclear bond that make them impossible to remove now? Guests do this all the time at my Target -- we have video to prove it.

    Secondly, when multiples of an item show up on a shelf with a contradictory price, there are two scenarios: a) a Target TM incorrectly stocked a shelf, or b) the guest moves the items themselves. 95% of the time it's our fault, which is why there's the policy to adjust the price first (unless it's a $20+ price difference) and ask questions later. But it's amazing how many people I have actually WITNESSED move product so that they can claim that a shelf was incorrectly stocked.

    With the drastic cuts in payroll across the country, it's a given that shelves will not be as neatly maintained as they were before. And that's something Target will have to deal with if they hope to prevent this activity in the future.

    • TargetSucks says:

      There's nothing wrong with the logic, you supported my argument in your response. It was of the 95% of the time- your employees screwed up, and it was just a few dollars. It should have been taken care of.

      I don't know what state you're in, but in my state there's up to a $1000 fine for every mislabeled item. Not all items have to be labeled if price scanners are installed, but if there is a significant amount of products in the wrong place, which there was, than the customer/complainer will always win and the store will be fined.

      Your logic / argument is also pointless. We're talking about one instance where the associates understood that it was a store error, and they didn't care. Hypothetical bullshit about people trying to rip off a store is irrelevant.


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