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August 24, 2017 - mitty1324

Denied a transfer with a lame excuse.

Back on here ranting again. I moved in ¬†with some roommates in order to be closer to school, so I couldn’t afford to stay at the store I was working at, so I transferred to a different target location since it was closer. Two months later the location I’m working at sucks (mainly the GSA’s/guests/hours are the reason). There is also the reason that I was promised to get a higher staff position but that never happened either. With the little hours I’m not able to support myself financially with bills and rent and with college coming up I figured to move back in with my family and just try and transfer back to the other store since they needed Guest Service/GSA positions filled. At first, the transfer seemed as if it was going to go through, the store im currently working at said they would support me since I had no bad performances written down. The HR pulled me in today and told me the other store denied it and she said they didn’t give her a specific reason why. She suggested that I go and talk to the HR over there and that if I can convince her she would most likely approve it. I drive down there and start talking to my former GSTL about it which she was really confused about too. She took me to the HR’s office and the HR just gave me the most bullshit excuse I’ve ever heard.

Her main “excuse” was that I was not showing good teamwork by transferring back. Which didn’t make sense to me so I asked her to explain it in further detail and she starting going off on a different reason of how I wasn’t there long enough and there are too many preparations to go through again and what the HR at the store I’m working at had to go through to set a schedule for me (the store I went to had me on call for 2 weeks before I got shifts/even put in the system). Then she said there was some “attitude” that I showed when I left? She was only the HR there for about a month before I left. My GSTL tried to help and explain to the HR that this was the closest location and my financial issues, etc. I told her how I loved working at the store and asked if she could talk to the other LODs to overlook it. Still she kept saying no.


Im honestly in disbelief out of all the reasons she could of gave, she gave one that didn’t make any sense. Anyways, fuck this HR, I guess im going job hunting again.


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