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June 16, 2013 - Junip


So I’ve been at my current Target for about one month now and I was hired as a Hardlines Team Member. Right off the bat they started to schedule me electronics shifts because they said they needed help in that area…but they didn’t switch me pay grade over (electronics makes about 50 cents more).

For about a month all I did was work electronics until one week I noticed I was just scheduled cashier shifts. I didn’t think much of it, until the next schedule was posted and again only cashier shifts. I though that was weird, but didn’t mind it because I thought maybe they just needed some cashier hours for vacations and since I was low on the totem pole gave them to me. But, after the third week of just cashier shifts I got pissed.

It was this time I was brought to a closed door meeting with two of the LODs. They explained to me that I was being coached because I was not offering a FFF brand experience to our guests. They said they watched me for a half hour and noticed I was “visibly angry” and “wasn’t going above and beyond” when it game to selling red cards and explaining surveys. They also said I was rude to GSTL when I told her I couldn’t stay an extra hour because of a transportation issue.

I then explained to them that I had never been a full time cashier and my only real experience was checking out guest in electronics where I thought I was very friendly and informative about the products we sell and the red card savings. They said they moved me to cashier because I wasn’t talking enough on the walkie…

What the fuck?

They explained some bullshit theory about how much you speak on the walkie is somewhat related to how you are treating guests and that my service had to monitored by a TL or LOD to ensure I was doing it right.

They then threatened to fire me if I did not improve right off the bat.

They thought I sucked at service so they put me at cashier…which is the most service orientated job at Target! Logical, right?

Once again, fuck these simple minded pricks.


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  • FuckT says:

    Stupidest shit ever...doesn't surprise though..Target's culture is pretty dumb

  • wacko1598 says:

    I get the "not communicating on the walkie enough" comment a lot as well. I'm still confused on what they mean by that cause I respond when my name is called, respond whenever there needs to backup on the lanes, and I respond to call buttons that go off near me. I can only guess they want me to tell them everything I'm doing while I'm working.

  • cihysfstfu says:

    Oh my god someone in my store (a GSA) got coached for not being on the walkie like all the other gsa's are WTF! That's just weird


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