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January 2, 2017 - Nerdrage22

Death in the family

So my mom came home from work and told me my grandmother died. Fast forward a few hours after I cried myself to sleep I wake up about an hour and a half until my shift is supposed to start.( I had a short four and a half hour shift for Guest Service) I call Target talk to the LOD to say I won’t be at work today. He passes and says “You do know it New Years Eve right? We need someone especially for Guest Service. Well why can’t you come in.” I tell him my grandma died this morning. And I said this morning because the tone of voice he used (idk I’m being overly sensitive or what but he sounded like he was just going to tell me come because there’s no reason for me to miss work) there was a bit of a long pause and he tells me if I need to call in then to call earlier so they could find a replacement. -_- ok whatever yea sure. Then he asked how long do I need it’s like a few days because I have to drive to California where my grandmother lived and like I’m not entirely sure because she just died this morning at like 6 am in California. Ok so he said to call when I could come back to work and bring the obituary.

Is that normal? To bring the obituary to your job and show them that yes my so and so died. I guess it’s just me but I would never tell work that a family member died just to get out of work cause that’s bad MOJO


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  • Redday says:

    No, it's not normal. I would call Team Member Services and report this person, he's an insensitive jerk.

  • MrSharkNasty says:

    It's normal to require proof for such an absence. Typically when people miss work because a death in the family it's several days off. It's no different than requiring a doctors note if you're out sick. Most relevant employers require doctors notes. I myself would much rather have documentation on record than to trust some managers word about why I was out. DOCUMENT! DOCUMENT! DOCUMENT!, that's how you beat the ignorant low IQ management at places like Target. It's when it's not in writing or on record that you get screwed over. The people in charge can forget and say whatever they like and win if they do not like you. And by the way I have known several people in my lifetime to make a fake claim about this to get time off, it's not nearly as rare as you think.

  • Rav3n says:

    That is awful! Insensitive and rude. I would not bring an Obit.

  • FormerTargetEnthusiast says:

    That doesn't sound normal, no. I know I'm kind of late to commenting on this, but Target nor any other job is supposed to ask something like that. It almost sounds like they were lowkey accusing you of lying for whatever reason.


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