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July 26, 2015 - mrsirsir

Cut me but call me in???

I was a little late on posting but past 4th of July my shift was cut. So that same day I made plans to go hang out with the family somewhere. So I’m woken up by a phone call from my target and the call to my suprise is them asking me to come in. OMG I was laughing so hard on the phone that I had to hold back. So when I cake to my senses I told them I can’t because I’ve made other plans since I was informed the night prior my shift had been cut. So she says that’s fine enjoy your day and we hang up.

Now that’s not how it ends. 30 minutes later call from target again I wonder maybe they just wanna inform me off another hour cut (there’s been a lot with fill in bitch manager) to my suprise it’s our store manager calling me from her office. She asks me why am I not coming in for my shift? Uh what shift last I recall my shift was cut. She says I was offered my shift back and to turn it down is you abandoning your team. I’m trying to hold back my laughter I really am but this bitch is trying not to sound desperate but it’s failing bad. I tell her I’m sorry I was cut yesterday and proceeded to make plans with my family it was a big gathering. Then she says “so your not coming in?” And I said no I’m not I have plans. And then the usual make you feel bad shit and she rudely hangs up.

So I sat back in my office chair and laughed my ass off.


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  • viciousdave says:

    Yup. The whole thing with Target stores is that they all don't know of what other team leaders say. One says ok well we don't need you tomorrow, we have to cut hours down to save money for more products to stock up. Oh ok, well thanks for telling me in advance. The other leaders who don't even know about this call you, huh, this lady told me not to come in and I have the day off now so I made plans already. On phone: huh, who the hell said that? You say name. On phone says what, uggh no, what are you talking about damn it! You say that's what she told me, if you want answers talk to the person responsible for giving me this day off than, don't panic on to me because I'm just following orders an ETL told me to do. Than on phone they get mad. Same thing happens all the time. Like this one day this GSTL tells me hey can you get baskets and hangers, it's so many right now. New GSTL comes in when I'm half way done. She says hey get on a lane it's super busy! Hmm, lady told me to complete hangers and baskets, that doesn't matter, get on now! How stupid they are. One says do this, the other says no you can't do that. So many stupid fucks at that store that don't agree with the other leader on what they did but than again they still get along and take those long hour breaks and talk and talk and talk for hours doing nothing while were the ones who actually do something called work and bag shit for people!!!! Fuck target, they are a general communist store if you ask me, we make orders but we do nothing in return, just like a communist Stalin would say.

  • survived spot says:

    Ha one Saturday I get a call from an ETL who left a voicemail saying they were short closers in hardlines and demanded I call them to tell them whether or not i would be able to help out and come in. Well being my only day off as I was working 2 jobs, I just laughed, grabbed another beer out of the fridge, and proceeded to take the steaks I was grilling off the grill. I never answered the phone when Target showed up on the caller ID.


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