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February 25, 2015 - valerie

crying while cashiering lol

Idk if anyone here is a cashier but I am and it really sucks. So yesterday I was working from like 9:00 am to 5:30 and I was the only cashier they had scheduled until like 3:00 PM lol… nothing new there. Actually there was one other girl scheduled to cashier but she has a superiority complex and instead of cashiering on a regular register, she jus HAD to stay at guest service and ring people up there. She’s usually a GSA/GSTL but she’s horrible at her job because she always gossips and made this day A LOT harder than it had to be because she was basically at guest service doing nothing while I had a fucking huge line going all the way out to god knows where. Of course in the middle of this my register breaks, which happens like every single day at Target btw, so I had to move even though this lady had a ton of shit on the belt already, which I felt bad about but she was nice. So anyways, my patience was growing really thin, and then I start ringing up the rudest oldest woman I’ve ever dealt with and I’ve been working here for like 8 months. I’m a very sensitive person and I can’t stand when people are angry at me and every customer was angry because I was the only cashier like it was my fault. Well this lady was… idk… I can’t even explain… omg… she was just yelling at me and like mumbling and calling me names, embarrassing me in front of the 20 fking million people in line behind her. I’m the type to take it personally and I start crying right then and there. And I couldn’t leave cause I was the only cashier. So I rang up like 20 more people, sobbing like a dying hyena and then i’m sent on my lunch break. And the GSA girl just ignored everything and pretended it didn’t happen, which is fine I guess. But they send me on my lunch break, but I go to the bathroom first to clean up my ugly crying red eyed face for like 5 minutes and then I clock out for my meal and once I get back (no longer crying) the GSA girl complains/lectures me that I went to the bathroom for 5 minutes first. lol and then throughout the rest of the day, I can see the GSTL girl telling everyone who works in the store about my fucking mental breakdown at the register. Except I’m sure she left out the part about the rude customer… idk, she really has always disliked me I think cause I’m a nice cashier always, and she’s really nasty sometimes. She tries to get everyone at that store against me even tho I’m like a really nice person.


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  • rainprincess64 says:

    There have been quite a few times where I wanted to cry myself, although not because of rude people but because of being forced to deal with stupid ass shit. I'm not sure why shoppers feel the bed to be rude to employees. It's utter bullshit what cashiers and the like are forced to deal with on a daily basis while unable to challenge their rudeness or standing up for themselves.

    Honestly $8/hour or so isn't enough to put up with that shit on a daily basis. This whole "customer is always right" philosophy ruins retail employees' morale real fast, especially with managers who seem to always make their employees' concerns invalid. I'm sorry to hear your managers suck just as much if not more than the shoppers at your store. Your store HR CLEARLY sucks At scheduling. 1 or even 2 cashiers for 7 hours? Fucking insane. Get out ASAP, it's only going to get worse.

  • Silverfox says:

    get out while you can, tarshit is going to take out their loss in canada on their existing employees and make them do the work of 10 people all because management fucked up in their opening in Canada and lost 5 billion, so now they will attempt to wring savings by forcing their remaining employees to work like saves to recuperate their losses. Their philosophy is if they have to go down, they'll take everyone else down with them by defrauding their suppliers and costing the canadians who boycotted them their jobs

    • rainprincess64 says:

      ... or if they're fortunate enough, they'll start doing layoffs across the country like they did in Canada are starting to do in India (tech team) and at corporate. It sucks being unemployed and any job is usually better than no job pay wise. In the case of working at Tarshit, people will discover it was a major blessing in disguise.

  • Geezus Chrice says:

    Hope your good. There are some GSTL's and LOD's who are Devils. I've been at target for less than 2 years and everyday could be the day I put the 2 weeks in. These rude "guests" are no guest of mine. If these guest came near my living quarters , I would shoot at their feet like one of those old westerns. I hope your days are better even with that crooked GSTL and that wretched old hag


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