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August 1, 2014 - zerotolerance89

Cross Training *Beyond Annoyed*

I have been asking for about 8 months now to be cross trained in other areas. Each time I am told “We don’t have the hours right now, but when we do we will definitely train you elsewhere”.  There wasn’t really anything more I could say besides “I understood”.. So the months went on by and each morning huddle I went to the STL, ETLs & LODs would tell us that a way to pick up more hours was to change our availability and ask to be cross trained in other areas.. I was pissed, I had been asking numerous times to cross trained and each time I was shut down..

Another thing I have been asking to do is AD-Set.. I’m sure of you will think I’m insane, but I would like to go in early and get out at a reasonable time to have the rest of the day to myself. Yet again.. SHUT DOWN..

So on and so forth.. A co-worker of mine who is content and happy where she is, is being yanked all over the store.. While I am begging like a fool to be trained else-where. My attendance is implacable, my past review was outstanding I believe I had all Es, I do everything that is asked of me and more. I back-up whenever needed, i get carts when needed, team lifts, you name it i help out.

What I don’t understand is why they are NOT allowing me to advance, I am soo close to finding a new job where I am appreciated and I can move around/up.. Not stay in the same spot and go stir crazy day in and day out..




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