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August 7, 2015 - outdoorsman123

Couponers need to go FUCK themselves

First post on the board and I cant wait to share my experience as a cashier. I was hired for pricing with the understanding i would not have to do anything else. After being hired, they said that cross training is necessary and I will have to be trained as a cashier for backup only. I actually believed it so I trained with a trainer and that was that. Trained for a day and was certified. After about a month, I was scheduled for cashier in a 4 hour shift. I figured that it would be fine because if had the day off and wanted a little extra cash more than the average weekly paycheck. I clocked in and went to the check out area and was put in the rushed line register (first ones customers see, so there is always a lot of volume).

Anyway I reach about an hour in and then i have two fat lady’s who come up the register with about 50 packs of tampons split into two transactions. I start scanning the items and eventually scan the first lady’s items (25 small tampon packs). The total comes to about $150 and I figure that there must have been a deal or something on cartwheel because nobody needs 25 tampon packs. She pulls out a wad of coupons and throws them down on the counter and starts to push her cart away. I told her that she needed to pay and she picked up the wad of coupons and threw it in my face, exploding the coupons all over the floor leaving me to pick them up and go through them. I ask for a supervisor and she comes over and ask me what is the problem. I tell her that i just had 25 coupons thrown at my face and that the lady did not pay. My supervisor said to the couponer that all the coupons had to be rung up in order to complete the transaction and that she had to wait in order to leave the store. She then shows us the receipt from another target store 15 miles away showing that they rang her up and she owed nothing. I slowly went through each coupon with my supervisor in order to check and found that half did not apply and the others were limited in volume. She starts screaming at us when we point this out and says that she will call my manager and have us both fired. I told her that i was trying my best and needed to have supervision in order to complete it due to my lack of cashier experience, and the couponer said that i was not qualified to work at target and was not well mannered enough(my mouth dropped open and it took everything for me not to punch her in fat face but i remained composed). My supervisor comes back with manager approval to except the coupons (even though they were limited or were on different items). Total comes to $30 since we fat out refused several of the coupons which were for Walmart (yes she brought Walmart coupons to Target) and this basically means that the other store accepted WALMART COUPONS. I can’t tell you how frustrating this was but she complains about the total being $30 when she didnt have to pay at the other Target. She even said outloud that she could just leave her stuff there and we would have to clean it up so we should give her a discount in order to proceed with the transaction. The Manager refused so she gave in and paid in 6 gift cards ($5 each) and she then storms out.

I then turned to the second couponer  who does the exact same thing. $150 in items for $30 and pays in giftcards as well. At the end of the transaction I was told to take a 30 minute break by the manager to “Cool Off” as he could see the anger and rage in my face. I took all 30 minutes and was still angry when i got back but at least he did me a solid for sticking through it. Anyway, my anger is not at the Leadership in the store (my store manager is awesome, and even most of the etls are nice), but with the corporate policies of the customer always being right, even when they are costing the store money and are on the verge of committing fraud, Target still sides with them. Hell I dont even mind asking for redcards because I know it helps my store manager, but when it comes to the couponers, Fuck them. I have now had 4 different occasions with this happening and while i am able to conceal my anger better, I am still pissed off at corporate for accepting them and not putting a stop to them.

If Target put out a open letter today saying limit 3 paper coupons per a day and what ever cartwheel rewards they can ring up, this problem would stop and Target would actually make more money, but by letting this continue they have merely given up on honesty and have turned it into a open racket for couponers to commit fraud.


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  • viciousdave says:

    Ok, I understand the anger, I'm a cashier for 7 years at Target now, Asian people are especially trying to get away with a million coupons for only 5 items. Here's the real deal, at least at my store, may be somewhat different at your store. We accept one manufacterer coupon and one target coupon for 1 item. If the guest has multiple items of the same thing, like lets say 10 packs of tampons, only 4 coupons will be accepted into the computer for those 10 packs of tampons because Target only allows 4 coupons for the same products if it's 4 of the same or more. So most of the time, the asians just go ok, well I'll make serperate transactions than. So, 4 tampons, 4 coupons. Again and again transactions. But even sometimes they'll have target and manufacterer coupons, so they ring up 2 tampons, but 4 coupons as it's allowed, 1 target 1 manufactur, 1 target 1 manufacture. Because each item can have 1 manufacture 1 target, but if 4 items or more in the same transaction than no more will be allowed. I have to tell people this daily, I tell them it's not my fault mam, it's target's policy of rules for there retail business, the screen says X red can not be accepted over the limit on coupons. I say even if I do bring a leader I guarantee that they will not accept more as the computer will not as that is targer policy of business. She says bring them over it should be FREE!!!! WAH! Ok so I turn on light, GSTL come over, she says oh no, we can't, no don't tell him it's his fault you're speaking to me now and I am a supervisor of the front of the store, we will not accept any more coupons unless you do a seperate transaction for the rest of those items because our computers will only accept 8 coupons for 4 items, 4 manufacture and 4 target, that's it. She still yells than that's not fair and throws a tampon down and walks away angry. People people, you can't just walk a store have a million coupons and think oh yeah I can get everything free now, the coupon has to be the right coupon for the product, has to be manufacture or target coupon, no cub, rainbow, or walmart allowed, and only 4 manufacuture and 4 target for 4 of the same items in the same purchase. I simplified it for you in the last sentence before this one. Well now you know. Only took 1 year to learn that if you are cashier full time.

  • NotImportant says:

    I agree. If it isn't the managers pissing you off about the red card, then the couponers will. This is why Target needs to get their shit together. That way, less fraud is committed (they wouldn't let me check $100 bills if they were counterfeit for crying out loud) and their employees would actually enjoy working for them. But no, it would require some sense and dignity for these people.

  • RedCardorDieCunt says:

    My favorite couponers are the ones that act like ohhh they didnt know just put it back I no speak good english or can read.

    Get the fuck out of here with that bullshit.

  • TiredTargetear says:

    This is so annoying! I hate when couponers come in with a thousand coupons and think they can get everything free. It doesn't work that way. SORRY NOT SORRY. Expecially when they act like they can't speak English. I work cashier and guest service. They go get all there shit ring it up. Then come over to guest service and return all of it to get the money back at its original price. We can't make it put.the coupons with it. I had one lady be in my line for a half an hour with her coupons and then tells me she has no money and that she needs to remove things. REALLY NOW?

  • SayGSTL1MoreTime says:

    @Outdoorsman123 - I have been there, man. Entitled customers know far too well that a weak enough employee or manager (or someone who just doesn't give a fuck about their job) will bend to whatever they demand while yelling enough. Making a scene is always the backup plan if they get told "No" for any reason what-so-ever.

    I was fortunate enough to be able to do anything I wanted as a GSTL - due to ETL's always running around like chickens sans heads at an exceptionally high volume store. Nonetheless, I stuck up for my cashiers whenever possible - and never was afraid to say no when something was just plainly an abuse of our already highly lenient policies. I definitely pissed off my fair share of random couponers - but at the end of the day I am more worried about my cashier's quality of life; as opposed to giving no fucks about the mountain of coupons you throw in our face to get a million free tampons.

    I often wonder - do these people just have nothing fucking better to-do?

  • caligirl90 says:

    This happens to me quite a bit when I get called up for "fast service." And honestly the best thing to do is just do it. Does it Annoy me that people do this? Yup! But you know what .... I don't fucking care lol. I just hit the button to guest challenge it because again I don't fucking care. Why should I get all worked up and get my blood pressure to rise for these stupid ass people. If target doesn't care about losing money then I don't. Less stress, who fucking cares lol.


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