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August 24, 2014 - targetbendsmeover

Corrective action for not smiling at work

I remember back in the days when I worked for that shit hole. My asshole GSTL was out to get me, mostly because I did not have a boner for those redcards and writing team vibe cards. He would always bitch at me to get redcards, and if I did not get any he would follow me out the door on my out and say, “why did you not get any readcards”. God I wish I could punch him in the face. Then when he did my review he tried to get the lowest amount possible, mostly because he is an asshole, and told me what a pos I was. The other GSTL and GSA loved me and I would bust my ass for them. Then one day a LOD and him took me aside and told me I was on croactive action because I would not smile enough when I working in that hellhole. Anyway short story month later got my dream job working with special ed kids, and told them I rather live in a cardboard box then work here again. I tried to keep it short so I am not going on and on. And hope one day you fruture slave workers get out and work your dream job.


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  • Darth says:

    Target: a derived sense of "excessive devotion" and ad hominem attack against groups with simply differing doctrines or practices, and without a clear or consistent definition.

    • SilverBack says:

      I have gotten talk to for being too friendly and too distant. The only friend I've made in this shithole is my direct co-workers from the backroom, and we hang out at least once a week. Unbenounced to me I have to kiss ass to everyone.

  • Silverfox says:

    That has to be the stupidest reason ever.

  • disgusted says:

    You can get talked to at tarshit for breathing too much air. Pay no attention.


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