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December 18, 2014 - janeblow

Corporate Greed

Let’s start off by saying that I actually liked working there the first month or so, I got hired back in October so my 90 days is about up. I’m a college student at a major university, I figured this job would give me a little extra cash for rent and all the other college expenses. WRONG. I was in for most likely would be the most degrading job I’ve ever had. At first it was magical, I lived and breathed Target. I started to notice weird things about this job almost a month in, like this red card business. All these incentives and stupid games they want TM’S and Team LeadersĀ  to play in order for us to sell more-gift cards, GSTL’s wearing goofy outfits/hats, pop and candy. But the pressure was phenomenal on these little pieces of plastic. Then the holidays came… Black Friday was, well Black Friday, what else could you expect but a circus full of people too cheap to be paying full price for shit they can’t afford. ‘Merica. Not to mention that my own Thanksgiving was ruined because I was unable to make the trip home due to being scheduled there. BTW don’t ever get a job like this and ever expect to have a real Thanksgiving again, your time will be automatically denied if you try to take it off. That was only the threshold of hell, because by God we’re having a full-blown, four alarm holiday emergency here. Besides the fact that I asked to be scheduled for no more than 15-20 hours a week due to school and constantly get scheduled 28-33 things were fine. Until a few Saturdays before Christmas and I got my first complaint. I guess I wasn’t smiling enough, sorry I can’t be your pet monkey sing and dance and give you all your fucking coupons, discounts, price challenges, rain checks and God knows what else these “guests” pull out of their hats to make our shifts more of a living hell than it already is. Then about two Saturdays before Christmas I show up to work and I am scheduled to close. So the store closes at 11 and the 2 “re shop” people call in so that means the rest of the team is stuck zoning and re-shopping what they did not manage to get done. So 3 am rolls around, haven’t had a break in 5 hours. I am scheduled to work at 11 the next morning. I must tell my team leader that, because of course he has no idea when I work. So he walkies the LOD to tell her that, she responds with “Have her start later tomorrow.” I respond with “I can’t stay later.” Knowing by now the game that Target likes to play. After the snowy day that I showed up later than my scheduled time to leave due to weather related issues(which I called ahead of time and told them). So I am told I can leave, 3 am, and I’m still supposed to come in at 11. HMMMM that’s less than 8 hours before my next shift ILLEGAL. Also to add to my frustration I must be let out by the LOD because they lock the doors after close to keep us from leaving early. Ok I promise this rant is ending soon, but I just want to say that the Corporate Greed is real and it isn’t a bunch of guys in offices looking at numbers. It’s usually the people that are in the store that you see on a day to day basis, dehumanizing employees for what, a capped salary? A bonus? Because they were told to so by their superiors? The corporate greed would end very quickly with a little thing called a union. OOPS I said the U word, but before you go knocking them, just realize that they are what keeps people from being treated like animals being locked in a cage(the store) to being treated like human beings.


Employee Experience


  • SusieH says:

    Yeah this shit happened to me too.

    They promised that tarshit would treat their ginniea pigs better than wal mart, but the only difference is that they dress us up in kakis and red. same bullshit.

    In canada, you need 11 hours between shifts. they havent broken that with me yet. Thankfully. I have worked seven days straight and they were not pleased. I guess because i looked like a zombie and hated that place.

  • poohbear80 says:

    11 hours between shifts !? we need sleep in the usa too! i'm tired of getting closins and sleeping 5 hours. our country has states that don't even require lunch breaks šŸ˜€

  • rainprincess64 says:

    Ugh this company is terrible. It's absurd how they legit ask people to stay way past their time regardless of the fact they have a fucking life outside of this shithole company. One time HR tried getting me to stay 30 min late without asking me first, which I had none of at all. These people have zero respect for anyone else's time but their own.

    I'm telling you, if you can get a different part time job. Tarshit gives the people who want full time fewer hours than requested and those who want very few way more than they asked for in the first place. Retail life sucks but tarshit has to be one of the worst to work for out there. This company will suck you dry and not compensate you properly for your efforts. There are other ways to make extra money out there. Get out now, seriously.

  • Silverfox says:

    I wonder if they not being able to suck the life out of people in Canada contributed to them pulling out. OMG IT'S unheard of! Tarshit is offering people $4 above min wage and that's generous! But unfortunately for them it's still not enough to keep people out in alberta. Still can't keep people. Looks like even on their deathbed, tarshit still hasn't figured out where they went wrong in Canada.


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