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September 11, 2011 - Target96Austin

Coached for putting family before less than $9/hr

I have been a loyal Target employee for the last three years and have always showed up for my designated shifts, or called an ample amount of time before my shift if I was sick.

This last weekend I had a family member hospitalized with shingles, forcing me to fly back home to be with them. I went in on WEDNESDAY to speak with an LOD, an LOD who told me that family always comes first, and called HR the next morning to see if they would be able to find anyone who could cover the other two shifts I had not found someone for. I got all but one of my shifts covered except for one, and I was just told to call in early that day to let the LOD’s know.

So what do I do? I call in at 10:00 am for my 4:00 pm shift, saying I didn’t know if they had found anyone to cover me, but I was instructed to call in early anyways just in case. I was told, and basically coached, “that it was my responsibility to cover my shifts, and not someone elses, and despite having a family member in the hospital I was still accountable.” Guess what? You can go fuck yourself. I’m sorry you are too stupid to learn to train more than 5 people to do returns at guest service, but that is not my problem. The whole point of having so many damn employees is to account for things like this. $8.75/hr is not worth missing the chance to see a family member for possibly for the last time.


I find this entire situation inappropriate and out of line on the LOD’s part. It is not like I am calling in because I have the sniffles, a loved one is legitimately sick. Can I go to HR and tell them that I feel like this was out of line on his part? It is out of line for him to be coaching me on my personal choices when I am more than 1000 miles away.




  • TedB says:

    First of all, shingles aren't fatal. Second, it's not Target's fault that you couldn't show up to work so your supervisor is right to coach you. You sound like a melodramatic shithead, and that might be your first job but let me tell you, in ANY company if you miss work you can and will eventually get fired. Too bad you don't have the education to get a better job but until such time, you should be lucky that you have that crappy $8.75 an hour job. Nobody is holding a gun to your head forcing you to stay there.

    • targetbendsmeover says:

      Hay who let this LODouchebag get an account on here anyway
      yeah don't bitch about people caring more about family then taking in the ass everyday by some evil corporation. So do us all a favor and shut the fuck up.

  • TargetSucks says:

    Hey Ted,

    The fatality rate of shingles is between 4.6% and 8% depending on the age of the person with the disease. While it's not likely, it is certainly possible.

    For you to take the time to write a post blasting somebody who obviously cares more about their family than a ridiculous piece of shit corporation like target, reflects really poorly on you, and nobody else.

    Maybe your family isn't worth anything to you, that's your problem to deal with. Other people, better people than you, put family first. Some companies understand that, some don't care about people at all.

    The reality of the situation is that what their supervisor did was tactless. At the very least they could have waited to speak in person. To bitch somebody out on the phone because they wanted to be with a family member in the hospital is horrible. It's sad how accurately that depicts Target's outlook on people in general.


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