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March 6, 2015 - Overworked

Coached everyday I work, will probably be fired soon

I wasn’t bullied much in school, but at this shitty place being bullied is an everyday thing. My TL and STL are the biggest pieces of shit I have ever encountered. I’m hardlines, so I’m expected to push pulls, reshop, research, ect. The problem is, despite working my ass off I’m never recognized. In fact, I’m told I’m too slow and chat too much, which is complete bullshit. I’m on my third push cart when the other guy is still on his first. I never talk to anyone for over three minutes at a time. What, am I just supposed to not say a word to anyone for the whole day? Is this prison? What a joke, especially when I hear management laughing it up in the backroom or breakroom constantly. I see them do nothing BUT talk to each other and they say I talk too much? Get the fuck out of here with that bullshit. It’s usually just me and and one or two other guys pushing if I’m lucky because this place is too goddamned cheap to schedule enough people. I have to help with carry outs, backup cashier, and answer calls too. I see other team members talking all day and even some on their phones while on the floor and yet they seem to never get talked to. I have always been a hard worker and have busted my ass more than I should have for what I’m paid at this shithole. It’s insulting to me to hear that my TL and STL think I’m a lazy ass when I’m one of the few hard working people left in the store. Every damn day I come in I’m taken aside by my dumbass TL and talked to about my performance. It’s like, oh here we go AGAIN. Sorry, but if not everything got pushed for the day, that isn’t on me. I did all I could with the shitty hours I was given and don’t you fucking dare tell me I didn’t. How about scheduling sufficient staff to help me out? Don’t expect me to perform miracles asshole. I know my TL doesn’t like me because I’m not one of his “buddies”. This piece of shit hires in his friends when someone quits, so they don’t have to do shit. I’m given all the shitty jobs, despite having seniority over his new hires. I feel like I’m being bullied and he is just looking for whatever bullshit reasons he can, real or not, to get me fired and one of his friends hired in my spot. It’s been a long time since I’ve hated someone as much as this guy. I want to karate chop this ass in the throat and teach him some respect, but alas that isn’t allowed. The STL has that corny, fake used car salesman personality around employees and customers, but talks shit about me behind my back. He has no idea what I do everyday, yet feels qualified to tell my TL to bitch at me. I’ve applied to several other places in an attempt to get a new job before I’m inevitably fired, but nobody has called me back. This is so frustrating, I feel like I’m trapped and my depression is worsening by the day. I’m a good hard working person, why is this happening to me? I have no recourse against these assholes. They’re going to put me on the street for what, because I don’t kiss their ass? They can suck it. Fuck this shit store.


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  • FivePercentDrained says:

    I feel you completely! I'm job hunting myself and its so frustrating that I have to hide from my family at time so i don't plague them from my own frustrating. Harsh environment indeed. But all we can do is keeping searching. Good luck to you and keep you head up high. Cause tarshit can lick my tight ASSHOLE!

  • rainprincess64 says:

    Looking for a new job in this shitty market is awful. It's a miracle I found a higher paying job with benefits while prego. I sure as hell hope you get outta there asap. This place will lead to nowhere real fast. I'm sure the boat is going to start sinking at some point. Best to abandon ship one way or another. Good luck with job hunting!

  • rainprincess64 says:

    I can also relate to how sucky it is busting your ass with Tarshit having nothing to show for it. I remember always bringing those small baskets to the racks, helping other cashiers with bags and such, always being helpful, etc. and Tarshit never once nominating me team member of the month or even the management verbally stating how awesome of a job I'm doing.

    It was usually coachings on getting more red cards and always fucking be helpful to the "guest". Da fuck, the shoppers often said you're awesome with bagging and how nice it is I didn't bombard them about red cards and such. Yes, where I worked a majority of the shoppers were decently polite (then again I live in the American south which might be why lol).

    One of many things the people on this website have right is that you can bust your ass for this shit company for YEARS and never get promoted past team lead for May be a sorry dollar an hour more than team members. Fuck places such as Tarshit that don't acknowledge hard work and reward ignorance.

  • rage says:

    Coercion is basically how this company runs. They expect you to do the job of 5 people for a nickle above minimum wage. Actually, it's about to be two nickles with reviews coming up-- that is until minimum wage goes up again, then you're back to making what new hires make. I stopped working hard for this place when I realized that my hard work was going unnoticed, but my petty mistakes got me coached too. I'm surprised that I haven't gotten fired yet for standing up for myself, which is another thing this place doesn't like. Why didn't the CAF's get pushed? Oh I don't know, but it just might have had something to do with backup cashiering every 5 minutes and having to coddle a bunch of ungrateful, mindless drones while holding their hand, walking them around to a bunch of useless merchandise that they can't afford to buy, but will do so anyway because "hey I have a fucking red card that saves a whole 5%" and haven't reached my credit limit yet! Oops, sorry for expressing an independent thought. I meant to say that I was caught in the overwhelming excitement of the VIBE.

  • viciousdave says:

    Next time say, oh really, I'm not fast enough? Take a look at that guy, he's only done one pull, I've already done 3. Why don't you go yell at him? I'm doing a better job because I am doing more, more quickly, if you (TL) can't handle the truth, than maybe you just hate me? To blame others is the best way if you are actually faster because there are others to blame and prove you are good. Don't be afraid of it but some time you have to say, "Stop yelling at me, stop telling me I suck, stop with the bullying game you are playing on me, I understand you don't like me obviously, but you have to realize there are others much slower than me. Stop picking on me and pick on the real ones who need help because they are slower than me!" That auta teach them.

  • RedCardFairy says:

    The whole "busniess model" is the worst. They push the workers trying to get blood from a stone. Let them coach you every day. It is for their benefit. My guess is so that they can check the box that says they tried to help you improve. Just listen to the nonsense and do your job. It is unlikely you will be fired if you are not late, don't call out and get stuff done. These are some of the most ill-equipped " managers" i have ever seen. Just smile and act like the moron is giving you some valuable information.

  • TargetMinion says:

    It is sad to say that if they're coaching you almost every shift for petty nonsense, then they are in fact trying to fire you. I'm a former HR TM and once an ETL/TL doesn't like you they will make it their life mission to get you fired. Target has a strict policy on firing and you must have a certain amount of Coachings on file before they can put you on a Final. Then while on a Final all they need is something as simple as you showing up late or calling out for a shift and you will be pulled into the HR or ETL offices you next shift, most likely right before your shift ends. Why fire you at the beginning when they can work you and then term you when you have 30 minutes left until your shift ends. They're rat bastards.

    • FivePercentDrained says:

      Not sure you post in the past but a link just incase I miss it. But since you're a former HR can you give insight of all the knicks and crannies of tarshits shady operation! it would be great and satisfy everybody curiosity! thanks!

    • rainprincess64 says:

      I can definitely see this being true, although unfortunately Tarshit isn't the only company that does things this way. The bottom line for such actions? It spells out bad management looking to get rid of people in an unprofessional, immature manner.

  • HollywoodUndead says:

    Job hunting because in the 6 months I have worked there I've noticed I've became more miserable with each passing day. The backroom manager is a bully and if he's having a bad day then so is everyone else. He's very sexist and if you aren't friends with him you're eventually screwed over.


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