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July 21, 2013 - antibullseye


This is my first post. I have read a ton of these but didn’t think I would end up writing one so here it goes…

I am a cashier team member. I have been with target since Nov. during Hurricane Sandy. I was seasonal at the time and was offered to stay at the end of the holidays.  During my seasonal time I was cross trained for Guest Service and covering GSA breaks within a month of being there. Then a position opened up for GSA.  I applied knowing I was a very strong candidate, I knew this because the ETLs and STLs had told me so and had asked me to apply. So in March I applied.. I had my first interview which went great and then my second interview came along and I pretty much nailed that one too. I was certain that I was going to get the position. I am a hard worker, I put in extra hours, came on my days off, worked holidays even though I have to young children, and got along with everyone at the store.

Come to find out I didn’t get the position.. The reason being “not enough experience on the front end” WHAT THE HELL? You people ask me to apply for it. I am fully trained for it and know how to do the position and you give it to a girl on the sales floor, who barely knows how to use the registers? She knows nothing about Guest Service and every time she is up there she asks me how to do something. I simply tell her to ask the LOD because I don’t want to answer her questions. She hasn’t even been scheduled for a GSA shift yet.

Now it gets interesting…. since then I am no longer allowed to cover GSA shifts, even though when the GSAs are busy they ask me to keep an “eye” out to make sure we don’t need back up. Apparently I was never suppose to watch the front end at all not being a GSA but I always did. Now I have been called in for several coaching talks because I do not get enough REDcards.. not for nothing my guests are frequents on my line they either already have them or don’t want one and now there saying if I don’t step it up I could be terminated. This all started happening when the new GE got to our store right before they picked out the new GSA.

I need advice at this point.. I know every shift I have they will hassle me about the card.. keep speaking to me and so on.. but I don’t just want to up and quit because I don’t want to be ineligible for unemployment. I am looking for a new job and I am sick of being harassed about getting these cards. The GE and other ETLs and STLs told me getting cards is my core job role. I looked in the handbook and told one of them straight out it isn’t my core job and that I should technically only be asking when prompted. It says so right in the handbook and they are lying to me telling me that it is false and its my core job role..


HOW LONG TILL THEY FIRE ME?!!!!!!!!!! I just want to get out of this hell hole and not be harassed anymore!


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  • KEENtan says:

    As far as I know they can't fire you because you don't get redcards, only if you never ask.

    There is nothing in the core roles that say you must make a quota or anything like that. Your main responsibility is to offer FFF service to guests and keep a clean work area.

    This may or may not be true, but I read on here that you don't even have to ask for the redcard if you are not prompted to by the register.

    Someone posted a similar situation on here, and what they did was when they brought them in to get coached, he pulled out his cellphone and recorded it.

    Their reasoning was if they were going to get fired for something not in the core roles, they wanted documentation of it.

    They were never harassed again.

    I'll have to admit, that takes some balls of steel, but the next time they pull me aside to coach me, I'm going to record it.

  • KEENtan says:

    Also, GSA is a shit job.

    You do all the work of a GSTL and are scheduled GSTL shifts, but you don't get the GSTL pay grade.

    The only reason they have GSAs is so they can save a couple bucks by not calling them GSTLs.

  • gordon says:

    The pressure at Target to get red cards, work like a hebrew slave with limited payroll hours in a hot ass store is driving employees and our guests out of control. District manager, group leader, etl's, senior team leads and team leads are leaving--i mean have left and are still quitting Target, some without notice which is due in part to the red card pressure. It will not reflect on most of the cashiers reviews anyway when they get their raises. Just the stls will be cut a big fat paycheck some of whom are lazy anyways and never spend anytime in their stores, some coming in only to leave early. When Target first introduce their red card, cashiers were to ask each guest everytime but all that changed when guests started complaining about being harrassed so in the cashier News To Use monthly news letter a few years back, the policy changed whereby cashiers must only ask when prompted. The pressure to get Red Cards is so bad now that team members were cheating by applying over and over themselves, harrassing guests and doing other stuff i will not mention here to get red cards. Target is to blame for that because like you, casheirs are in fear of loosing their jobs if they do not get guests to sign up.The etl g.e, other etls and the stl will hound you like dogs to get red cards but when they get on a register which they rarely do, they fail to ask the guests to apply for a stinking red card with outrageous interest rates whatever! I believe that this ptressure with the red card will be a public spectacle one day with Target. We do not see Kmart, Walmart, Jc penny or Khols harrassing their guests to apply for their store card. Technically they can not fire you for that. Make sure that you know the number for the E.E.O.C in your area. Make sure that you are asking when prompted. There is so much legal technicality. If you are not making goal and you did your best and they fire you then they will have to fire each cashier that is not making goal also. One thing that Target does not like is bad publicity. I had a situation whereby i was pulled in the office and I recorded everything without them knowing. That recording will serve its purpose one day if push comes to shove. It is highly ridiculous how team leads and senior team leads and etls have to be texting every hour on the hour to whoever about red cards every day! So sad. Then they try to tell us we cannot have our cell phones on our person. El stupido! if the lights or power goes out in the store I got to have my cell on me. Good luck in trying to get a new job. Target Sucks depending on what store you work at or district that you are in. When people at the district, group, or corporate level start leaving the company especially after investing so many years of their lives in Target you have to seriously think if your employment with such a company justifies the means. Perhaps not. They were happy once once only to leave without notice and never look back!!!!

  • targetstargettweeter says:

    Recently discovered that Target Winchester, VA #1234 is writing up, counseling, and eventually firing cashiers that do not sign up a red card within three days. This is unacceptable. Employees do not receive a commission from red cards nor is it a job requirement.

  • KEENtan says:

    Can anyone post a copy of the cashier core roles?

    They gave it to me about a month ago when they were going to fire me, but I threw it away before reading it.

    I'm curious to see what it actually says about redcard sales.

  • ExTargetDrone says:

    I worked in the Meat/Dairy dept. and the ETL's would harass US for not getting enough red cards! They would tell us to stand out in front of the dept. "greet the guest" and then try to hit them up for a target card. What exactly was my hook supposed to be, anyway? "Wanna save 10% on that package of overpriced, flavorless ultra-lean ground beef you just put in your cart?" Sheesh. I would ask guest to help them find "something" but I was not going to be a shill for red cards.


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