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February 2, 2014 - cataleya234

Cashier Chronicles: Why I hate target

Okay, so I have ALOT to say about this bullshit fulfilled year at Target. I started working there when I was 16 it was my first job so I was very grateful I enjoyed the training part and the first couple of weeks but my hatred for the job started to grow. First off, the managers are just assholes! They abuse their power they act like they’re the king and queen of Scotland or something. Whenever I needed change they would take forever to get it! They would say “I’m going to get it right now” 20 minutes later still waiting for my pennies, quarters, etc. like come on. Secondly, at my location they don’t train or give everyone walkies especially the cashiers and I feel as though we should’ve had them more than ANYONE since we have to deal and interact with people more but nope when we had a problem we had to run around the damn store just to find an LOD. Also there would be no one at the entrance to buzz me in where team members could go in when the store was closed and didn’t open until 8. I was almost late twice because of them not doing their job! Thirdly, the customers there just seem more rude than anywhere else. Like really rude. They snatch their receipt from you, don’t say thanks for ringing up a load of stuff they bought, and don’t even have a conversation with you let alone say hello! And they get so hype about their coupons I understand saving money is worth it! But sometimes it’s not that serious and you need to let it go, you’re going to freak out at me because the register won’t accept your expired 0.75 off coupon? Really? Stop. And they always seem to think that you can recieve a $5 gift card if you buy just ONE of the item. READ THE SMALL PRINT PEOPLE! And then you scan the item and prove to them it is two items and they get mad at the truth and want to speak to a manager.. GET A GRIP! You always have to buy TWO of something Fourthly, the RED cards. Oh my goodness. The LOD’s and managers will push you and push you and constantly be on your case if you do not get a REDcard. “Make sure you ask every guest!” No I will not. There are some people you just know you shouldn’t even bother. They are so ungrateful when you get a REDcard you let then know and instead of saying like “great job, thanks!” Or just a simple “thanks” they say “keep it up, get me another one.” Um, I worked my ass off to get that stupid REDcard for you and all I get is a “get me another one” really? Besides the managers and LOD’s I hated the REDcard part about the Job more. Also pushing the candy cart when we open I HATED doing that. I would say to my fellow co workers “this isn’t in my job description why am I doing this?” Lastly, they BARELY scheduled me. When I first started working there I got hired around the holidays so I got mad hours but after that everything went downhill I would only get scheduled one or two days a week if that! I like money so scheduling me one or two days to me was just disrespectful I’ve been with them for a year and they hire all these new people giving them hours but not giving me anything? Yeah right. I recommend if you’re under 18 DO NOT APPLY OR WORK THERE. They only give hours to people 18+. You can’t even take people’s shifts only give them away because of stupid minor regulations. I’m so happy I’m done with that place, filling out my voluntary leave form felt awesome, and what felt even more awesome is walking into target now as a customer and NOT an employee! ANTI RED AND KHAKI! However, I do miss my co-workers not the lod’s or managers. So happy I could finally share my expierence on this website and getting a new job I feel truly blessed but seeing other people going through what I went through is refreshing! I will never work at Target again. Thank you to whoever took time to read my rant!


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  • Hate_Me says:

    Hang on a second here. I've seen a lot of dumb shit posted on this site--and the Internet in general. I've seen some dumbass posts that are hardly readable because the person who wrote it is a fucking numbskull. You, however, are obviously intelligent. Anyone can tell that by how you write. So I'm just gonna tell you this: you're super young, which means you still have a great deal of time to succeed in school, work up through college, and then find a career. You're not a fucking r****d like half of the people who work at Target, so you won't be there forever. Yes, cashiering at Target sucks so many balls that it makes gay porn look like a Disney movie. But you're 16, and you picked a decent job for the time-being. Lots of 16 year-olds are lazy shits who sap off of their parents and play video games all day and text stupid shit constantly. There's hope for you yet, little whipper-snapper. Just focus on what really matters: getting through it, day by day, and one day looking back and thinking, "Oh my God, my bosses have no lives". Because they don't. I worked at Target for 5 soul-sapping years, and haven't worked there in about 3. Whenever I shop there now, I have a completely different insight to my old bosses. The Store Team Lead is cheating on his wife, and he attends my Catholic church. He doesn't even stay til the end; he leaves right after Communion. My old Human Resources boss Eric cheated on his fiancee with the Store Team Lead of another Target here in town, and now his life is a shambles. A Senior Team Lead I had named Valerie hates her husband and dresses like a whore at work because she also cheats on her spouse. So you see...they're just a bunch of fucking losers. Consider yourself lucky that you don't fit in there; it means you're intelligent. Best of luck in the future.


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