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February 21, 2016 - qveencam

Cartwheel & Guests

Okay so out of all the things target promotes, I think cartwheel is the most convenient in my opinion. EXCEPT  when guests come through my line and try to check things last minute. I understand you want to get your discount, but it stresses both you and me out because I get yelled at for my speed score not being over 93% and you because you are trying to get through it all plus on busy days like sundays I normally have a line of guests no matter how many cashiers we have. I dont really mind them checking if they have a few things, but people who have $400 worth of stuff and they want to check every single thing that’s ridiculous do that shit in a secluded aissle, not in my lane.


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  • viciousdave says:

    People are dumb. If there not simplestic as I am than where the hell are they? Get stuff, put in cart, put on revolving belt, take your stuff and go home cause it's better than this horrid people fest thing place.

  • FkTrgt says:

    Pft how about guest whose cards get denied and ask YOU why THEIR card is being denied. Or the ones who bring the effing sign saying something cost a certain amount, the product they have is NOT the one on the sign, but they tell you "well it was under the sign".( even though it was clearly next to the ones on sale) Um there arent many retail stores that put fabric softeners that are on sale in a completely different section roped off from the non sale items.


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