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July 3, 2014 - UnappreciatedCartSlave

CartAttendantSlave – Time to Finally find a New Job

SO, I’ve worked at this nightmare of a shit house for around 8-9 months and things went from okay to shitty. I was hired on just before all the holiday help was (too bad I didn’t apply a little later). I’m that one guy who has to do all the shit no one else wants to do while maintaining my own job as well. All the “Team Leads” here are corrupt and could give a shit less about you as an employee. When I’m scheduled cashier, I have to get carts because we only have two carts dudes and the other one sucks terribly. I tried training him, but he’s seriously just an idiot. In addition, the nights I have to get carts, I’m scheduled as the CLOSING CASHIER. For fucks sake, really? HR are nothing but a bunch of assholes for more reasons than one. I was also averaging around 36+ hours a week and over the last couple of weeks, my hours dropped to 21 without warning. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?! I have a family to help and you pull this shit. So when I saw this I called and asked if I could come in early. The head hr bitch didn’t even have the decency to answer the phone and tell me herself. Instead she just had her hr team member tell me payroll was locked and that was that. My store didn’t hit sales all last year and this is what I get. All my hard work for shitty bitch hours. I clean the bathrooms, take the trash out, get carts, I even fucking work the salesfloor when I’m scheduled, not to mention managing that shitty one spot. It’s not my job to clean up shit spewed all over the restroom stalls either…it clearly says GET AN LOD to clean it, but if it inconveniences them, it’s my job.  On top of that, I get shit for not getting people to sign up for hack cards (redcards). People don’t want your shitty cards! And if you expect me to get more, how about haveing another cart attendant hired so I can actually stay on a lane for a whole day.  You can go ahead and fire me for not asking, I won’t. If they want one they ask. The majority of my RC’s have been from people saying they want to sign up without me even saying anything.


Don’t even get me started on LOD’s. My lod’s couldn’t be more oblivious to what’s going on unless they can coach me about something. So, because I’m not fucking salesman and got tired of cleaning shit out of carts and bathrooms, I wanted to be salesfloor. Luckily there were 3 position available. Remember how they told you when you first get there “they always hire from within first”? Fucking wrong. Sure enough, the positions were filled the same week I asked. They told me the reason I couldn’t get the position was because my attitude could be better….. Oh I’m sorry working at a shit-tastic store isn’t the highlight of my day. One day the gstl asked me to get on a register and I said “Yes” in a less than excited tone (who the fuck is excited about being a cashier is beyond me) and the hr bitch from earlier heard it and said “that’s what we mean by your attitude, you should say it in a more positive manner” Are you serious woman!? I said I would get on in a normal tone. I could’ve said “fuck off,I’m on carts”, but I didn’t. So how do I have an attitude. Later that month a grocery position opened up and she approached me and said ” we have a position open would you like to have it?” I was excited at the thought I would actually get off a register so i said “yes, let’s do it!!!” NOPE.  That was the end of that. Never heard a thing after that. And guess what, they brought someone else from the OUTSIDE and hired him. SO old fuck with Alzheimers is apparently going to do a better job than me.


Realizing both this place is a clown-house and I need more hours, I’ve started putting applications into places that aren’t retail!. Seriously word of advice, don’t work here if you don’t HAVE to.


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  • cashier says:

    Similar reason why they won't put me in electronics (something I'm knowledgeable about and would enjoy selling). I'm apparently not a very talkative person yet they keep me at the register where I do a decent job.

    Target is a store where you likely won't get what you want. You just have to do your best to satisfy their demands until you move on.


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