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May 12, 2014 - theangrycartattendant

Cart Attendants are Overworked and Under-Apriciated

I have been a cart attendant at target for about 9 months now and i already want to kill myself. When i first got the job all I thought i had to do was go outside and get carts, pretty easy rite? I later found out that i was pretty much the stores janitor. i have to clean up disgusting shit filled restrooms, i clean up spills around the store, i pretty much do everything that no one else in the store wants to do. and i am only payed 7.88.. target is the biggest disgrace to mankind there is. they treat their employees like shit, while they sit on their thrown and laugh at our expense. i have never seen any of the lods at my store do any type of work unless the DTL is in the store. then they actually work their asses off. i can not wait to leave this shit hole and find a job where the employees are treated like people. not animals.


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  • conorO25 says:

    when you find that job..tell us where it is cuz all corporate America treats employees like animals..its just the way our system is set up unfortunately

  • Silverfox says:

    uh cart attendants are janitors as well. It's in the job description. Plus doing carryouts, filling up bags from checkstands plus doing price checks. It's up to the front end manager to hire different people to fulfill each of the separate tasks.


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