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August 13, 2018 - Jimmy

Cart Attendant Life at Store 12873

*Sigh* Where do I even begin. Well I guess I should start off by saying I still work here because its the only job that has a good starting pay. ($11 bucks an hour for a first job when minimum wage is $8.06 in Florida Humidity is not that bad.

So, my name is Jimmy I am an African American male, underweight, (112 lB), 18 yrs old, and most of the time (when I don’t want to bike home at midnight and take an uber/lyft) I bike home to/from work (about 3 miles). I’m the new Cart Attendant at Store 12873 in Good ‘ol Redneck Pensacola, FL. I recently graduated high school with a 3.7 GPA and currently looking for a second job so I can pay for college and find a roomate.

But enough about me, let us talk about the horrors of my current first job.

Yes, if you’ve read in previous Cart Attendant Archives, you will have known by now that (Past Softlines, GSA,LODs, and any other previous team members pay attention) pushing in carts is just a side job. We are in charge of “backup (yeah right!)” cashiering, Crc and other defectives, spill stations (oh, more on this later, you’ll love it.), Trash out front, Starbucks trash, Toss items, bathrooms, (oh get this, at closing before I can clock out, I have to do the women’s restroom too.) Empty Hangers and Cardboard, and keep up with handbaskets, THEN we do carts. (Let me know if I missed something.)

I should have known that my current job I have was going to be a pain in the ass when the first guest I greeted (while doing carts suprisingly) called me the N-word, with a Hard R. I was should have just told my LOD, which get this we were and still are REMODELING, the Remodeling
manager that I was just going to quit then and there. But, I did not want and still dont want to go through the process of researching for jobs for 2 months. So, I just brushed off the insult, and noticed that this elderly racist woman was struggling and almost dropping her groceries I calmly (This took me almost all my patience) asked her for assistance. She replies “Well of course I need some help you ape piece of sh–!” Still, in a calm manner, I helped the elderly woman get her groceries in the white suburban, and this was just the first day on the job. After the Usual Cart Attendant horrors (Read any Cart Attendant archive my story will be similar only in Florida Humidity with Racists,) I finally recieved training on Cashiering.
The TRAINING WAS A FUCKING JOKE! I did not even know we had to push redcards till I came to this website today in writing. The LOD’S are clueless, I had to persuade one to not make me do cashiering due to a store with no carts and angry patient guests today due to back to school shopping. And as I brought in a load of 32 Carts. I heard someone say angrily with excitement, “Finally Some Fucking Service! And it Was done by a black!” (This was the best compliment I had today. I frequently talk to the LOD about the racism and guests are banned left and right, but it still happens.) and I was greeted with guest applause as I handed out carts to the “patient” guests. But the best part was while this was happening, my LOD was red with Embarrassment.

Oh and About the spill Stations, I’ve worked for about 2 months now, And I still haven’t recieved training on it.

My name Is Jimmy Sutton, I work at Target store location 12873, Pensacola Florida, Recently Graduated High School with a 3.7 GPA, and My first step into Adulthood is this.

Welcome to my life.


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  • poohbear80 says:

    I give you a lot of credit for not refusing to help those racists sobs.

  • mt91 says:

    I am so freakin sorry that you had to deal with this level of racism. Absolutely unacceptable. I commend you for keeping calm. I can’t imagine what this must’ve felt like for you!!!!!! Keep the faith <3


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