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March 7, 2016 - cartbitch07

Cart Attendant is Fun Right? Right…

Okay so I’ve worked at target for about four months and at first it felt like a family like the GSA’s and GSTL cared but that shits a fucking joke. I started as a cashier like every single person who works at target and i enjoyed it, i got red cards at least 5 every week. Then we lost a cart attendant and then one quit so they decided since i was a guy i could do slave labor for insulting amounts of money. Let me first say that i thought it wouldnt be that bad because the guy who trained me was energtic as fuck and its even joked thats he does cocaine but he loved the job. They fucked up and scheduled me as a closing cart attendant for my first shift which is the easiest if you’re experienced but for someone with 30 goddamn minutes of training its fucking r******d and overwhelming. But i did it, took some help from the GSTL’s to get the rest of the carts in the lot but it was over. I then for two days straight worked in flooding rain as a cart attendant, oh well you have panchos right? Yeah but they have holes in them. I guess it would be important to remember that im a fucking type 1 diabetic too. I’m never asked about how im feeling, or am i given any leinecy when it comes to low blood sugar. The work is awful and requires a good time managment skill but its possible, oh wait that is unless the fucking GSA calls you to the front lanes when a cashier is having more than two fucking “guests.” I have a fucking job to do and what most people dont realize is how important it is, as cart attendants we’re the most versitle lowest paid fuckers in the store. But since having carts is so goddamn important why in gods fucking name cant the GSA call anyone else? Every single fucking person who works in target is trained as a cashier so why do i have to do it? And when i havent collected carts i get talked to like a fucking child. Thats not even the worst part, the worst part is how our boss/GSTL treats us. A week ago I was backing out at least 19 carts by myself, because the cart pusher key is lost and our GSTL is a r****d and wont order a key, when a “guest” was walking behind me so i stopped, since our parking lot is slanted the train of carts turn and scuff the front of a truck that was just parked in the way not even in a parking spot, she files a police report and everything, so im terrified im going to lose my job. The GSTL pulls me into the office and tells me he know it was an accident so i wont be written up. But today im again pulled into the office and told to sign a write up sheet not because of the truck no fuck that but because i was pushing over 7 carts. Are you fucking kidding me? 7 carts is a joke. I didnt know cart bitch was a common term until i got onto this site. I’m quiting when i find another job.


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  • Hate It says:

    Quit asap. I'M now on my 2 weeks notice and can't wait to leave. I've worked at my Super Target as a cart attendant for a year and a half and it's finally coming to an end next Saturday. We didn't have a cart pusher either so I push 15-25 by hand when it's needed if there aren't many carts.

    Hours being cut cause of payroll is another reason as well. Jumping from 15 to 12 to 10 to 9 hours isn't cutting it. The team lead that tried to get me fired about 3 times is back so to avoid slapping her and cussing her out ill deal with it for the rest of my team.

    I won't even get into how nasty the restrooms are and how everyone expects you to do a part of their job they don't want to themselves.

    Out of 9 of us cart attendants last year, it's now only 2(including me till I leave). The other guy quit last summer but came back so no telling if he'll leave again. 3 cart attendants got fired that were hired months ago and 1 quit that was hired during that time as well that I trained cause he didn't enjoy the cart attendant role.

    Tl:Dr; leave now.

  • RyderFord says:

    At least you're waiting till you get another job. I fortunately am in my 2 weeks notice right now and I literally can't wait for it to be over.. Good luck to you


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