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August 18, 2015 - Nergal

Cart Attendant Hell

It’s summer down here in Southern California. Temperatures are well within the 95’s. On good days it’s around 84-85. I can tell you right now this is a rant so rant [ON]

I now understand that CA is literally the most hectic and extremely fastest pace position by far, fuck cashier and any other position it doesn’t come close. So there I am collecting carts when *cart attendant do you copy* I’m like ok go ahead… we need a carryout for a guest. So now I have to rush my ass to get the carts in and assist the guest.


So there I am collecting carts and another distress call comes in *cart attendant can you check the restrooms*. I’m like holy shit what is it this time, of course shitty people decide to not flush the toilet and leave their excrement in plain view. How fucking lazy must you be to not flush the toilet. Do you practice this at your home? Then why do that here? Also a vast majority of people seems to vice their ass and vagina on the toilet paper and just toss it on the floor alongside the toilet seat cover.


Another distress call, *cart attendant can you take the trash out for starbucks?* so now I have to rush my ass to the backroom to get the bin in which I have to dump the trash bags by the way. I swear, I have come to absolutely hate starbucks in every possible way. They are polluting every damn corner of every city in every state. And why must I clean up spills caused in the Starbucks area? Shouldn’t the Starbucks team do that shit? I gotta collect carts because there is no way in hell I’m going to let a precious guest walk in and not be able to shop without a cart (sarcasm).


I know what my job entitles me to do. But when I receive calls to do things like put soap in the breakroom or I need you to take this back or take this here or there, that’s when I draw the line. Like do it your fucking self it’ll be good for your health. I always carry my phone with me (GS4) and as you may or may not know it has a pedometer. I always check in a 4 hour period how much I have walked and you wanna guess how much?!?!?!? 16-20 miles! Holy shit balls. So fuck you pricks!


We are literally the back bone to the store. We have the shittiest pay, working conditions can change in a matter of seconds. We have the utmost responsibilities. I even once had a chill dude tell me I should get paid way more for working outside in such harsh weather. But who am I kidding, Target doesn’t give a shit, but they sure act like they do.


What I can however say, is that most of the employees are friendly. They never seem to be in a bad mood. But as far as LODs and ETLs go, they can all suck on my balls. I hope they all develop inoperable cancerous tumors at the base of their spines.


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  • viciousdave says:

    Yeah. I got hired as cashier 7 years ago, but I do cart attendant a day a week and use to full time also. It was ok, but damn, moving carts, checking bathrooms every hour, getting trash everywhere, go to the back, oh no, the big bin has trash to the top in it next to the trash compactor, radio call, this is cart attendent David, LOD to trash compactor please, ok we'll tell him. Half hour later he finally comes. WTF? Half hour just to go to the back room? WTF holly shit!!!!!!!!!!!! Now there's almost no carts on grocery side and I still have to get garbage. Radio call, David, we need carts on grocery side, hello, you told me trash and it took the ow so great LOD a half hour to get there. God Target is fucking stupid assholes of managment. They expect a million things done, well how the hell do I do it all when some things need your keys to open and use and it takes you a whole half hour which screws up the carts for the people. OMFG leaders are lazy as shit!!! We work 5 times as hard as sit down whole hour break leaders.

  • Cytotoxin says:

    Yeah, I once had the exact same experience. I went to the back to obtain the trash bin but it was stacked high of trash. So I radio in the LOD to open the door to dump out the trash and like your experience no one shows up after 5 min. So naturally because I need to do other things I leave and collect carts and do restrooms. I go back expecting the door to be open and still nothing. So now one of the back room team members tell me that they must be "busy" but he clearly said it jokingly. It's now about 45 min after my first initial call for the door, so the back room team member radios the LOD and finally a response. Can you open the door to dump the trash? We have trash in the bin and trash on the floor that needs to be cleaned up, and after all that he finally shows up.

    It's things like this that make me fall behind and then I being radioed to hurry outside and collect carts or clean the restrooms or spills or all of the above. It's fucking hell!


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