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October 7, 2017 - hatethisjob1001

Cart attendant

Just started two weeks ago and I’m already dead inside. My first shift I wasn’t half fasted trained as cashier because I was the only cashier for the front. I was slow and had a million questions. My second shift I get brought into a hr office and told to sign a paper, red flags went off in my head. Read the paper twice, it’s a write up because some lady complained about me putting pop tarts and toothpaste in the same bag ( mind you that’s all she bought). The manager said I need to learn that’s why I got the write up. I refused to sign it and left. Got a call an hour later for Hr saying it’s not a write up anymore and to come in the next day. So I say no big deal i started CA training, boy was I wrong. I have hearing aids so the walkies don’t go good with me. The same manger complains to HR that I can’t hear it and that I should be let go cause of my hearing. Mind you they never gave me a vest for a busy parking lot at 10:30 at night. But it’s my fault I can’t hear I guess( sarcasm).


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  • TargetSucks says:

    Wow, that's amazing. Do yourself a favor and keep a very detailed diary. Write down the days and times that this stuff happens, especially anything to do with your hearing. Once they fire you, that will come in very handy for your discrimination lawsuit. Write down anything, even if it doesn't seem very significant.

  • MrSharkNasty says:

    You have shown great intelligence! A lot of people would have signed that piece of paper and not thought twice about it. Never sign anything you do not agree with or understand! If they force you to sign it saying insubordination be sure to write a very thorough comment saying you disagree and this is what actually happened. Demand a copy! Companies love to document document document so they can prove they were right and you were wrong. The absolutely hate it when a worker does the same. The fact someone said they should fire you because you can't hear is absolute insanity, you could easily take them to court as long as you have evidence to support it.

  • Pissedoffcashier says:

    I wish i would have read the papers i signed. They were supposed to be for a short LOA due to a out of state death but they were actually forms for my two weeks. God i was so stupid not to read.


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