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March 19, 2011 - DLord227

Can’t let it go

I was hired by Target in November  2005 as a Holiday hire (black Friday was my 2nd day on the job) I did such a good job I was put on full time. Was told I was the best had the greatest attitude all that jazz. My first position was working green world with an executive who had the idea I had to more or less bless the ground he walked on before he stepped on it. After I told him my work should be enough to tell you the worker that I am but magically I was labeled by him as trouble.

I was then put in the backroom which I enjoyed doing the work was what it was and the execs rarely came back there unless there was a visit and they wanted to impress someone higher up. After about 4 months I was asked to do special duty and come to overnight working the usual hours but the day before it was changed to coming in at 4am and working until 12pm (that way I dont have to get paid the overnight increase in my wage I didnt complain and did it since my it fell better with a 2nd job I had.

After that assignment I was told I was not allowed to work in the backroom anymore I was to be put in Planogram temporarily until another opening in the backroom came up. All this was my first year.

The person running Planogram and I never got along since I am a big strong man but I was expected to lift the heaviest things in the store with the help of a woman less than 100 pounds and in her 60s. After she got upset with execs walked out the store and quit I was basically put in charge of Plano but not for long cause my exec brought in someone who transferred to another store out of state and didnt like it there and came back.

Worked the job with the new Team Leader got along great with her but the Exec felt this was about the time he called me out of my name making up a name using a part of my anatomy. Never liked the name and told him this but he didnt stop so I went to HR and she did nothing but tell him i was upset. So this kept up until June 09 when they let go an employee and he called HR in the Home Office telling her about what I was going through so I was called on the phone by her asking if it was true I told her it was and not to say anything about it. Someone came in and spoke with the Executive come to find out if I so much as called HR and told them he spelled my name wrong he was going to be fired.

So I was given common human courtesy by being called my name until they decided to move Plano to overnight and told me I was told if I didnt go to overnight my hours were to be cut and I would lose 50 cents cause i wasnt on a specialized team (50 cents I was never given cause the job was to be temporary) So I stayed on days and was looking to take over the electronics dept. sine I have a background and if a question arose in the store no one knew I was called in the dept. to answer. Too bad the exec who got in trouble was in charge of that dept as well so I was told I wouldnt get the job and was given to someone who everyone in the store knew wasnt qualified. Finally I was let go 1/1/10 So I guess I was only seasonal just disnt know it would go 5 seasons. I always did my job and busted my ass for nothing it shows me that your work ethic doesnt matter in the real world anymore.

Worst part is I didnt tell you anything about being told by an exec I was too big and black too listen to orders having a second review given cause the first one was too complimentary ( the review was given by a Team Leaders i trained on the job) or alot of other things I dont care to mention. But I got to keep moving on but I cant get past it. I feel like I was cheated.


Any advice would be appreciated

Thanks for taking the tie to read this





  • blackangel91 says:

    sounds similar listen to my story...Perishable Assistant aka personal asshole
    well im 19 yrs old male worked at target for 1 1/2 was hired hardlines but have been in market for now over a year….my store hired 4 pa’s when we 1st got our p-fresh when theres only suppose to be one (not the problem) our stl was cool our TL was cool n our Sr. Team Lead who was markets LOD was cool….around march this year we got a new STL who just so happens to specialize in market…the bitch comes in n changes everything took 2 pa’s titles away n shit the other 2 (1 quit the other went over nite w/ or former market LOD/Senior Team Lead) they took da titles away cuz theres only suppose to b one pa n they have to have open availability…ok well 3/4 pa’s are my friends who taught me their shit so now i know way toooo fuckin much to be just a market TM so they see wat i know (LODs) n run with it basically pay me as a regular TM for gettin shit done as a PA which i am not….so i talk to my ETL-HL which is also markets ETL and he finally said ok apply for it ur availability we can wrk with even thought ur in skool n shit w/e….ok so im thinkin ima get it psst well dnt u know that my ETL-HL and ETL-HR offer it to someone from backroom aka a friend who doesnt even want it!!!!! my TL was pissed when i told her cuz basically im her protege w/e da fuck u wanna call it so i applied so did he n now im waitin for the gawd damn results…my friend aka former pa aka 1st to get her title jacked thinks its a race issue idk n idc but that mutha fucker needs to know that TL’s know best not LODs all they do is sit up at tsc n drink coffee they duno wats best as in TM’s or Promotion they dont see what i can do yet im my TEAM LEADS FAV


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