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February 18, 2014 - Overheated

Can’t get hired again. Far more experienced than tweens.

Alright, so there was a company I decided to go over to. This place payed so much better. But the people. They were far worse than Target employees. I’m talking standing around for all breaks and lunches calling each other “f*****s” and describing penis. That was so obnoxious I couldn’t take it anymore. Now with not many options (applying at 60+ places and calling, no call backs despite promises) I applied at Target once again. I just got a rejection letter from those bastards. Me. I’ve been working for this company for a long damn time and they reject me? Now I suppose my vacation periods stand out, because I tend to submit two weeks notice before taking months off at a time. Standard vacation requires a year and the time is small. Add that to the fact my grandmother died and inheritance + policy is something I can relax on for awhile. Not forever. I need work.

I don’t just hate Target. I hate this city.



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