Target Sucks - We Hate Target and We Know We're Not Alone.

February 2, 2014 - unfollowed

Can I just say…

They are a multi billion dollar corporation, catering not to what is best for the public, but just what anyone in the public wants so that they can make the most money. And then they’re paying the vast majority of their employees no more than $8-12 an hour?? I’m sure they could shell out at least $15 an hour for the TM’s and to be honest I think that’s a lot more worth all of the busy work this job entails solely for the purpose of “driving sales.” That’s really all this shit is; BUSY WORK. Target has no heart. It’s not about making anyone happy, it’s about making money. THE VIBE? Please. Call it what it is: upselling people shit they really don’t even need.

And I see all these people with so much dedication and intelligence and I can’t believe this is where they’re directing it. They could do so much better. I’m putting in my two weeks sometime this month because I FINALLY found another job that will probably end up paying a little bit better than Target and I will be free at last. I want everyone to be free from Target and their evil corporate game.




  • TargetGrunt says:

    With Target's $21.57 billion in profit last year they could afford to give the estimated 361,000 employees $59,750.69 dollars and still have $910 left over.

    If we assume that 25% of that 361,000 is "management," that gives us 270,750 TMs. Using this number, Target could afford to give each TM $79,667.59, which would equate to a raise of about $51.07 per person assuming 30 hours a week.

    To pay each TM $21.72 an hour (the minimum wage had it kept up with productivity) at 30 hours a week would cost $9,173,876,400; 42.53% of their current profit margin.

    They can afford to pay living wages, they can afford give more hours and they can afford to provide health coverage, but they won't because it cuts into their already exuberant profits.

    • Barytone says:

      Those are pretty shocking stats…and to think I'm only asking for at least $13 an hour.

      The problem is that Target is not in this business to make money for its employees…it's in the business to make money for itself and the shareholders.

      For $21.72 you'd better believe I'd bust my ass for this company. You'd get higher skilled workers and people who actually cared about being there.

      Here's a nice philosophy I found:

      There are three types of work:


      A business is allowed to pick two:

      Good work fast will not be cheap
      Cheap work fast will not be good
      Cheap work good will not be fast

  • Silverfox says:

    hey target's phiosophy is pay more, expect less. That's the impression i'm getting from my local target. Tills got deleted, pharmacy till no longer exists. Used to exist in the old zellers. Mall entrance tills got replaced by 3 self checkout tills, which imo if you don't count the self checkout part is still a reduction in the number of tills by the mall entrace which used to be at least 8. Watch section of target is a teeny tiny table where it was a glass case wall before in zellers.

  • Hate_Me says:

    Everyone bitches about their wages...until they're a multi-billionaire who owns their own corporation. Look dude; the CEO of most corporate ass-fuck stores don't give two shits that their low-end employees can barely afford a pot to piss in. Do you really think that, when the CEO is out golfing in the sunshine with a cool, California breeze kissing his back, that he pauses and thinks, "Golly gee...I wonder how my poverty-stricken employees are doing on this fine day? I wonder if their J. Crew golf pants fit as nicely as mine do?" No. He doesn't give a shit, and bitching about it isn't going to change a goddamn thing. Sure, in America, we can picket and throw shit fits, but the real fact remains: instead of bitching on a fucking website about your wage, focus your attention on writing a sound essay to your Congressman in whatever state you live in, asking for a raise in the minimum wage. Do some actual work that's not "busy work" and stomp the pavement, getting signatures for a petition. Until then, good luck at your next job flipping burgers...and then bitching that you're only getting $9.00 an hour to feed our nation's obese.

    • TargetGrunt says:

      Fun fact: I've tried that. Several times. And all I get in response is a carbon-copy generic letter that these bought-out politicians send to everyone to give us the illusion that 1) they're listening and 2) that they care.

      I've signed dozens of petitions, have been actively posting on numerous websites and pages to bring attention to the matter, and for what? For people like you to assume that we're all just sitting around hoping things will magically get better?

      We at the bottom are not the problem. It's those at the top - the CEOs and the politicians they own - who are the problem. And the bottom line is just as you say: they don't care about anyone but themselves. But here's the ultimate question: how do we make them care? What can we, as a people, do to MAKE them listen?

      THAT is why I'm on sites like this, to try and find an answer to that question. And until I do, I'm sorry, but I'm not going to shut up simply because.

      • Silverfox says:

        on the bright side target is spending money yet again to convert their system to pin and chip which they had done 10 years ago and had they stuck to it, wouldn't have needed to spend more money. But they went back to swipe system because store management claimed it was slowing down checkouts.

        Target isn't doing too well up here either. Ventured in one day due to class being cancelled. Dead as a doornail. Not busy compared to zellers.

      • Hate_Me says:

        I can tell you what will "MAKE" them listen... Get online, do some research, and find out where your state's Congressmen/women live. Then, show up at their house at midnight with a large boom box, some cheap vodka, and a small yappy dog. Then, proceed to strip down to your underwear, turn the boom box up as loud as fucking possible, and play Nillie Vanillie while you do Zumba dance moves to the music. Meanwhile, make sure the yappy dog barks its ass off. The vodka is for you to drink. When your Congressman asks what the hell you are doing, say, "If I had more fucking money, I'd be able to afford therapy, you asshole!" At this point, chuck either (a) the vodka bottle or (b) the yappy dog through his window.

        That'll get his attention.

        • TargetGrunt says:

          I'll admit, that did make me laugh. I might even be able to get away with an insanity plea with that!

          But alas, I'll have to save that for when things REALLY hit the deep end.

    • Silverfox says:

      fyi i'm not bitching about that. I'm bitching about target's reduction in service and it doesn't jibe with their motto.


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