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January 10, 2015 - rainprincess64

Call the Target Integrity Line and watch HR retaliate because they think they’re God

I made a previous post here (Target doesn’t treat pregnant employees very well) and it’s only getting worse. I got their stupid medical note for me to be allowed water that also happened to address my need for breaks every 2 hours. Hello, isn’t it company policy for them to give people breaks every 2 hours and not every 3, regardless of how busy it gets? So I called the Integrity Hotline to do the right thing because I cannot trust the HR at my store and God forbid they get a reminder they aren’t God. The bitches in HR don’t even acknowledge me anymore whenever I walk by, and won’t even speak to me by name anymore. They try to call me in for a shift on a day I am off while my family was still in town and leave me a voicemail stating such. I call back 10 minutes later, ask to speak with HR. I tell them who I am and why I’m calling “Hey A this is B and I am calling with regards to a voicemail I received 10 minutes ago about an open shift from 10 to 6.” She literally responds with “mhmm” when before she would’ve said Hey how’s it going? As a courtesy I informed her I was unable to take that shift and only said to me “Thanks for calling, I’ll let them know.” “Thanks A, have a nice rest of the day.” No response, just the click indicating the call recipient hung up on the caller.


Even better, I am getting no more than 17 hours a week while others who have been there for literally no more than a couple months are easily getting 25-28 hours on average a week since the holiday season ended! Others who were hired around the same time I was and have school obligations who are still getting more hours than I am. Target will simply claim they reduced my hours, due to “business being slower after the holiday season” but they are obviously retaliating because others still get plentiful hours, whereas only a few have on average less than 25 hours a week as cashiers. I am by the way cross-trained to also work as operator AND as a pharmacy cashier. The pharmacist previously asked me when I would be working back there on a regular basis as a backup tech, so that I could get on the registry to deal with prescriptions. I was told back in October I’d get shifts back there once a week for training to possibly become a pharmacy tech (meaning a bit of a pay increase and being under a much cooler manager). I’ve only been back scheduled back there literally twice (another time for temporary backup during a cashier shift about a month back) since October.


Clearly if you try to do the right thing in contacting the company, be it with HR directly or the Integrity Hotline and filing a formal complaint, you WILL be retaliated against by HR and even other ETLs. The HR at my store no longer acknowledges my presence when I am in the room and won’t even speak to me by name when I give a courtesy call to let them know I cannot take a shift. One of the team leads there who knows about my situation and how they’ve been treating me differently believes they’re definitely retaliating against me (is one of the team leads I can definitely trust will keep his mouth shut and is totally anti-Target). They are technically giving me my breaks every 2 hours, even if I work for say 5 hours to comply with my medical note… but they started doing this ONLY because I complained to that hotline. At this point, I don’t even know what to do anymore. Should I even call the Integrity Hotline to let them know about this clear retaliation, talk to the HR manager (probably pointless I realized because it’s the entire HR team at my store causing me problems in the first place), or just consult a lawyer and see if they can take my case? I have a job interview for a job that’s 3 days a week but 24 hours a week on Tuesday that I think pays like twice the amount I get now. I’m crossing my fingers this job interview works out in my favor. Fuck Target and its bullshit treatment of its employees. They do not pay its employees nearly enough for the bullshit they are forced to deal with on a daily basis, let alone the crap they get for speaking about it to somebody.


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  • TargetSucks says:

    Good luck on the interview! Hopefully you can get the fuck out of tarshit.

    • rainprincess64 says:

      Thanks, I seriously hope so too. Other people are starting to get write-ups for no red cards and lying about overall work performance, making things up to hide the fact they're writing people up solely for no red cards. I blame the new store manager because none of this happened before she got there (the old store manager was GREAT but found greener pastures). It's only a 3 8-hour day a week job but if it pays twice the amount and there's opportunity to get more hours and such (after some continuing education and whatnot), it's GOOD BYE! I don't need the stress of this bullshit place pregnant or not. Fuck this place, I'm taking my shopping elsewhere.


    Good luck... I know your pain.. I got fired recently for arguing.. They wanted to get rid of me but this one leader always went to bat for me.. She got mad when I got fired and how they went about it.. The reason was because I took off my hoodie and faced my coworker instead of walking away.. Seriously.. The guy had a box cutter and a unknown vendetta against for eating at break with a coworker he got suspended arguing with.

    • rainprincess64 says:

      Yeah so I recently spoke up and asked HR why I've been seeing only short shifts lately and why I haven't been in the pharmacy (training as a backup tech). I of course got a totally bullshit answer about how "everyone's getting short shifts", "everyone's hours are reduced in January and February", and "the pharmacy manager does the scheduling, ask him about it". Funny enough, the pharmacy manager asked me one time I went to do backup cashiering when I'll be back there more often a month ago. Hmm.... Just seems like HR has something to hide....

      I seriously hope that interview went well enough for me to get another interview and then land the job thereafter because I want out of this hellhole badly. It's so stupid you got fired after arguing with your co-worker. I had a new manager tell me I'm unprofessional because I talked to this girl about how another cashier literally lies to shoppers about what the red card is, bullies them into getting one, and legit steals all the red card applications when she's there (and does absolutely NOTHING at work other than red card sign ups), and also bitching about a write-up I got for lack of red cards (and other bullshit that they can't back up). It's not gossiping if it's a legit problem being discussed that no manager wants to touch and how everyone else gets punished for stupid nonsense, except for her.

      Fuck this place, I just want out so badly. I need a source of income which is why I'm still there (and I do love most of the cashiers and most of the GSTLs who all hate most of the ETLs and HR). Once I get something else, it's buh bye for me!

      • Silverfox says:

        lol wonder if that is another reason why Target left Canada, cuz they can't control the hours and the people in pharmacy. There is a rule here that pharmacies have to be owned by the pharmacist. They just can't hire pharmacists and treat them like shit with shit wages in their target run pharmacy. Target hates anything they can't control

  • piperkitp3 says:

    I got written up for such bull also the problem is they do not want to listen to what you have to say. I’m tired of going above and beyond for them. I stay late I go in early. And I get blamed for stupid things. It happened when the new HR manger came in a the new ETL


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