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July 24, 2014 - Taz2532


Hey guys I work as a cashier for about a year now and honestly hate the job. There are days I simply do not want to go because well, who the hell wants to go work with annoying ass costumers? Im only working here till I’m done with community college and thats less than a year away. Anyways I want to know how many times can you call out before you get fired?… I hear you have to have many coachings till you get fired. So can someone help me with this?


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  • Barytone says:

    As long as you give them two hours notice they shouldn't count against you.

    The worst thing they can do is first put you on "corrective action" for attendance.

    This means if the behavior continues it will eventually lead to a "final warning."

    You have to try real hard to get fired from Target - I know because I've tried.

  • Target_HR212 says:

    I've literally called out a total of 8 times today marked the 8th time. When you call out don't do it consecutively that's how they coach you. of you do it every month they'll catch the pattern. I fucking hate target so much. I hate the stupid hours they give. I hate "guests".


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