Target Sucks - We Hate Target and We Know We're Not Alone.

December 20, 2012 - discodork

Bulls eye for the bulls shit!

There is a few and I mean very few good things I will say about Target, as a GUEST not as a over worked employee. I will admit, Targets items, clothing, decor, the Archer Farms brand, and the seasonal area are the things that I do like. Their things are just different and stand out, better to decorate my home with. Enough of that praise they do not deserve.

Admitting again, I worked for Walmart before I worked for Target. Why did I leave Walmart? I moved in with my fiance, who was or is rather going to school in a different state at the time. I thought he only had a year left, I thought I can be strong and live without him for a year. I took it as a test of our relationship at first because I was ok going to see him and such but 6 hour drive can be expensive every month. 100 dollars average gas only. That is a lot of money that I could have saved. Anyway, I left Walmart because for the life of me I could not get a transfer to any of the 4 surrounding Walmarts there. None were taking transfers, I tried this run around with them for 3 solid months, calling, holding forever, getting hung up on, even physically making a trip to talk to the HR and still nothing! That is the ONLY reason I left, I had no choice but to venture out and find something else before I wanted to move.

So I landed at Target, at first I could only think, finally a job now I can move and get on with our lives. I have been here for a month maybe a little more. My first few days were not like how some of the stories on here are, they start out something along the lines of at first everything was going good. Not for me it wasn’t, the total opposite it was. I work in softlines, which is anything on the carpet. Including all clothing, shoes, baby basics (diapers, car seats, formula, and such) and accessories/jewelry.

Now let me tell you something, I worked at Walmart and Belk, let me just say that Target is BY FAR the worst for over working you. At Belk I was full time doing minimum wage, trying to keep up two departments at a time, by myself for two years! That is a whole different story, I was promised raises from going to seasonal to part time to full time within less than 6 months to never get a raise. Not saying that 8 dollars an hour at Target is any better than 7.50 where I lived at the time but damn sometimes that fifty cents can add up and get your hopes up for a little while that is. Walmart had my schedule down pat everyday, I got shit done and then some for my sister department. I didn’t mind doing things for others there because I did get recognized and thanked multiple times a day for my hard work. I only called out once for actually being sick, it was very short notice but throwing up and fever are not to be played with. Oh and never once called out at Belk, I made it to Belk one day and a virus that had been going around hit me mid day, once again throwing up so I left that day.

On to Target, like I said only a month into it and they up til last week are still hiring seasonal people. Hello, the ‘season’ will be over next week, what is the point of bringing in the new new people now? I have not called out, been late or anything like that so far and I feel I do damn decent job at what I try to get done for one person. One of the new new people, which there are three new news now and have been there like a week and a half, this one in particular one has called out twice already! How can you keep a job like that? Yet she has more hours than I do, I just don’t get it!

Yes, if you call out then everyone else in your area and other areas suffer for it. Last night if fact, when we had to close at midnight, that certain woman called out last minute and I already had three fucking departments to keep up. Seriously, I am one human and can only do one persons job, not two to three! So I and another girl, who had two departments and to take over her two she was suppose to have. There was no way in hell I was going to be able to keep all this up and be clean by 1 am to have it ready to be looked over. There were only 3 of us for softlines the whole night, which included the fitting room operator who has to babysit every person who wants to try something on so its impossible for her to do much else, not her fault but damn can we breathe while your trying to choke us please?

I do not understand having to have the store 100% perfect before we can leave especially with the work load that is given to one person. I can’t stand how they always call CAFs and Pulls. Bitch I am trying to keep up (using last night as an example) mens, infants (which is always a nightmare) and baby basics, PLUS whatever else the call out has put on me for the extra work. Pull or CAF it your damn self, you put the shit out on the carts, take it the fuck out there while I am running around trying to keep sanity before I flip shit.

Black friday night, I had boys, girls, and baby basics. Seriously, girls by its self needs a sitter alone. All those damn women in there with their princesses throwing the folded down sweat suit set on the floor, kids playing tag, unfolding as I fold right in front of me. Come on you fuckers, *mocking voice* yes I know, job security!! Go fuck yourself already. I already have to clean up after you ingrates who think that way, now a whole group of you who think that, please that shit is way overrated and its annoying. Guess you never had to lick the vomit off the queens 4 inch heel right?

When we closed BF night, I was told I was too slow and give a too detailed zone. You have got to be joking, oh your’e not… WOW. So tell me the point of us being 100% before we can leave? If I don’t put xs to xxl in the right order you have a flip shit and tell me to fix it. My softlines TL that night went down every single aisle and looked at every hanger, if it didn’t have a sizer on it I had to fix it, and if a medium was in front of my small I had to fix it. So why the fuck put all this effort into this to make it so perfect if you say I am too slow and I had three departments that night. Now the regular hired people which there were at least 4 others no new people but me and one other girl. They all had one department, one had shoes, one had ready to wear, one had intimates, and one had the fitting room. The other new girl had mens, accessories, and infants. How do you expect the newer people to keep up with this. Its just overwhelming and make us hate you. So even to this day (which I am off, excited!) I still every night feel like I am a failure and in the end others always have to help me get my areas together. Sigh is all I can say.

The other thing I cannot stand is, there has not been one day, NOT ONE that I haven’t closed. Not every new person has been like that, just me, I would be happy for a mid shift but no, its either 2:30, 3:30, or 4:30 till close. Can I not get a break already? This is how you wear people down, I had a review last week, was told I was slow again. Great whoop de doo, tell me something I don’t know, like you are trying at least.

Fuck those REDcards, 5% seriously. So if I spend 50 dollars at your store I save a grand total of 2 and a half dollars. I would rather spend the 2 bucks than save it honestly. If I ever go cashier, which is never unless a TL is making me go, I do not ask to get those cards from anyone. Its a joke and they know it. I mean if your a super couponer and do it and get the items that are buy two get a five dollar gift card type deal with a few kids under your belt then its not worth it at all.

Oh my fucking damn, those mother fucking walkies!!! I hate those fucks to death. I’m sorry but if I have to walkie someone across the store to help find something for a GUEST, then that just proves how lazy people are. Look a fucking round, walk a bit, see whats out and about, if you look for 15 minutes and still can’t find what your looking for, go ahead and ask damn. We are here to help you but not spoon feed you. I feel like a child when I have to use those things, this is so n so going on a fifteen, or a restroom break. Really if my time is on the paper at the fitting room and its around that time and you can’t seem to find me IF I get a break then that is where I am, fifteen or thirty. Its not that hard to keep up with people. If they truly are not doing their work, get rid of them, keep the ones who are willing to work for you… if there are any of them left.

Yea breaks… about those, what are they anyway?

Worked a double this past Sunday, why… maybe the cold medicine I was taking that day got me all loopy. Never ever ever never do it. Not worth it. I came in at 12 noon and was asked by 2 to stay till close. Surprise, that same woman called out again. I thought my 30 was going to be at normal time and they would let me take another one later, no way. My time at first to take my 30 was 4, which was 4 hours into my shift. They changed it to 5:50 so it wouldn’t flag them for making me be over meal compliance. For real you hussy? That is just dirty if you ask me. I did take a 15 but it was before they asked me to stay, which was the normal time for my 15 anyway. So I got a 15 around 1 30 and a 30 at 5:50, we got out like five minutes before 12 and it was asking me for another meal. I feel robbed from a break cause I had to take on another area on top of my two. I will never ever do that again, how do I benefit from that?

They do not care about you if you get a break or not. As long as your Fast Fun and Friendly. Apparently I need to work on the fast part. Maybe they should get to work on the friendly part to keep decent help. Change your ways before something happens to you Target.

*Guilty feeling* Target is the only store that carries a 30×30 for my fiance, which I am going there now to get him a pair of jeans I like for Christmas. Sorry people but I have no choice.


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  • discodork says:

    Oh and not to mention, myself and the other new girl that we both had orientation together, had to go through the food and formula aisles in baby basics because apparently someone bought out of date baby formula and their infant is now sick... Way to go, Target.


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