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December 23, 2014 - buttsforsale

Break schedule.

Alright. So usually the break schedules are made up ahead of time and everything is fine and shit, but I switched shifts with a woman last Saturday, and my fucking god. I was initially scheduled for 4:30-10, got called in at 3 to cashier for an hour and a half, so that’s a seven hour shift. 2 breaks, 1 lunch. I wasn’t even ON the break schedule for one. And even though I brought this up with both LODs (yes there were two that night) and with the HR and with the chicks up at the service desk, nothing was done about it. So by 5:30 I still hadn’t had a break, so I was just like fuck it, went to take my break. And the other guy I was working with didn’t get his first break until like 6, granted he was in at 3:30, so not quite so bad…but fuckin’ still. And then, get this. No word on my lunch until 8:30. I’m there until 10. I didn’t get my goddamn LUNCH until 8-fucking-30. Meaning my last break was supposed to be in my final hour, while the store was a mess, there was a ton of customers, and I had to zone all of A. I just… And what makes this all worse, is that they would outright ignore me on walkie, they wouldn’t respond immediately when I asked about my breaks, and were just all-around unprofessional and idiotic. Eventually at around 9:15 after asking if I should take my break over walkie, the LOD just comes to me and says “yes technically you do get a break” and I was all “good. but i won’t take it so we can get shit done” all the while giving him the stink eye. God damn. How fucking difficult is it to get the salesfloor break schedule done?!


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  • viciousdave says:

    Next time don't even ask, just take them. A lot of the people who are on the floor, electronics, or back stock room for the day just take there breaks whenever and talk to the other guys, oh yeah, I'll take mine when you get back so we have someone keep working on stock for the shelfs. Or even if not talking to another about it, just take it. I liked the rant, sure as bullcrap on how they screwed you. They screwed me before to on cashier. So 3 hours go by, haven't had my first 15 of a regular 8 full hour day, I don't even ask anymore. I've been there 7 years, I just go at that point. If a GSTL asks me where the hell were you? I say, 3 hours, no break, I don't need to ask you for a break as I'm avoiding to ask you to begin with, you're lucky I don't call the police and scedule a court order of this company not giving break schedules right. 3 hours is longer than should be. 2 hours or 2 and a half hours is usually the time limit for everyones breaks up here, everyone has always been that way, always, so if I don't have it, I just go because I deserve it by Minnesota break standards, you don't follow the MN break code, court happens, I'm the one being nice about it by just going and not filing a court order. She still argued well that's wrong, we need enough cashiers. I said did you not hear me? I said a court will hear this if this keeps happening, get your stuff in order or I will say this to our store manager as I have before and I will have you written up for not following MN standards break work schedule and you may lose your job as leader. She shut up and said whatever. Oh well, I could have just turned her in right there.

    • buttsforsale says:

      Huh, I think I'll do that from now on! Because screw them, not on the schedule, I have to take breaks, I'll just take them when it's convenient for the salesfloor. xD Thanks for the tip there!


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