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May 14, 2014 - walllamp


So I have been working at Target for about a year now. I immediately cross trained all over the place. In this time I have been cashier, cart attendant, food ave, guest service, sales floor, flow team, electronics, and I started building bikes. In the past few months I actually took over building bikes. I work my ass off constantly for this stupid job. They are constantly calling me on walkie and asking me to do six different jobs at once and I will pull it off somehow with spur of the moment thinking. So working after nearly a year of working my ass off with ridiculous expectations I go in to a meeting with one of our GSTLs and one of our ETLs. They were talking about the raises they are giving out. They hand me my paper saying I am now being paid eleven cents more than I was when I started. When I asked why it was such a small number the reply was such shit.
“We don’t feel you work hard enough.”
I literally just an hour before this meeting came in took out trash, grabbed paper bags for the front, grabbed three items off the floor, found my boss and got his keys for someone, got 4 items from the back, gave my boss back his keys, and delivered everything where it needed to go, took out trash, and dispersed the bags through the registers… AT THE SAME FUCKING TIME. Do you know what happened right after I finished doing all this shit at once. My boss complained I took too long to do it.


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  • TargetSucks says:

    Hahahah, well, you know what they say... Target Sucks!

  • TargetGrunt says:

    Fun fact: you will never work hard enough to satisfy the idiots who run these stores (into the ground).

  • allergy says:

    Same thing happened to me. I heard they can only give out so many "outstandings" and I got mostly inefficient. I work my ass off too. And didn't they give some bullshit excuse about how you "deserved" the shitty raise you got? 'Cuz they did that to me.

  • fucktarget says:

    Each store is given a "pool" of money for raises to be given out amongst the employees. So it is true that there can only be a certain number of Os,EXs,Es, and so on. I have one piece of advice....QUIT THAT SHITHOLE. Any other job you can get will be better.

  • tarhellno says:

    It is determined by store sales and comp over last year. Then depending on how bad or good those sales were, each team or every other team gets 1 Outstanding, 2 Excellents and then down from there. Next the leaders have a meeting to decide who gets the outstanding and excellents. The reviews are then written based off what was decided. And it's percentage based so if you aren't already making much even with a full 5% raise you still will get a small raise. Next Hr ETL will audit the reviews and make sure they sound good for the level they gave you including making harsher or potentially untrue comments if needed for a lower review all for the sake of "constructive feedback". For example: time clock not working for 3 months? Well guess you have attendance issues for not being on time and having too many punch corrections. (True feedback given on a review)


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