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November 13, 2014 - Overworked

Bitched at for not getting the impossible done

Management at this company is a fucking joke. They act all nice and then turn into assholes at the slightest thing. Do these people come off an assembly line? Are they human? Honestly, most of my leaders remind me of some fake, smiling used car salesman from Hell. Just a really shitty personality you don’t want to be around. Very two-faced.

I’m now a Hardlines employee, when I never asked to leave my previous work area. They just fucking put me here. Worst of all, I’m the one that is ALWAYS assigned to push the backroom pulls. Everyone else is pushing reshop and zonning, while I get this shitty job. I have told my leaders multiple times that the work load of all those pulls is far too much for one person to handle. Their solution you ask? They send a few of the other Hardlines people to push a cart and then go back to what they are doing. Hey fuckhat, one more cart pushed doesn’t help me when there are over a dozen packed carts on the line. I need a partner to help me out through the entire day, not some fucking thirty minute stint. I still bust my ass and work harder than most of the other employees I see taking it easy. Do I get rewarded for moving quickly? Hell no. I get a “why are there still three carts back here?” when I’m leaving for the night. “You need to pick up the pace sir”. Fuck you. Put anyone else back there and you’ll have more than three carts by the end of the night dumbass. Guarantee it. I don’t leave carts back there on purpose shitstain. What else can I do when I have a shitty 5 to 6 hour shift in the middle of fucking November with nobody giving me any significant help? Where the fuck are my HOURS? I love how nobody else is responsible for there being carts left at the end of the night, just me. They love to bitch me out and try to make me feel stupid. What’s the point of working fast if I’m just going to get yelled at anyway before I leave? Really makes me want to put my all into this job. I have other issues in my life and this job just enhances my already severe depression. Most days I don’t feel like getting up. Thanks assholes.


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  • trashtalk says:

    It is tough to handle the pressure of the target workload and especially difficult when you have personal issues to deal with. I know that personally. Don't let them mask you feel stupid. You are stronger than they know.

  • skye568 says:

    Dude, I totally know how you feel. I just quit Target after I'd been there for only one month and I just quit. I had this one guy go totally ballistic on me because he thought that i didn't put any cinnamon on his pretzel. i mean the whole was coming to an end because the man didn't get enough cinnamon on his pretzel. And then my favorite he was like, "If you didn't have cinnamon then I should have told him that." And then I said sir, there was cinnamon on there. He looked absolutely surprised that I even said anything as if I didn't have the right to say anything. After this fool just threw a darn temper tantrum over a pretzel that costs him only $2.64. I was trying to get him some cinnamon for his damn pretzel and was unsuccessful. I was new and i didn't know where the extra was kept at. The team leader gave him his money back because God forbid i try to screw this man over $2,64. my God people. Wow, anyway you'd thought that i'd hopped over the counter and gave this man the thrashing of a life time. I was two seconds away from cursing his butt out but I didn't. thank Goodness. but what makes it worse was that the team leader of guest services told the lead of food avenue where i worked and she was like don't fight with the guests. she told people that i was trying to start a fight with the damn guest. i was like, "no i wasn't." it was a reflex and i was just defending myself. i can defend myself. forget that job. don't feel bad. it's a sucky job. my instincts were right. target is a great place to shop at but not a great place to work at.


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