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February 3, 2016 - Dependable2216

Beyond Outrage, Beyond Ridiculous

I’ve worked at Target for years. I’ve gone through things that I never thought a business would be able to subject their employees to. What I learned today is beyond outrage. Fore the last couple months I’ve done cashiering, although a majority of the job is cart attendant. For a while a GSA would come around and tell us cashiers, to urge people to get Red Cards. The first time this happened I took it as a supervisor having a bad day and taking it out on their subordinates. Today I learned that the GSA’s aren’t just going to be reminding us to do it. They’re recording us too! I’ve looked at the laws in my state, and they’re allowed to do it. In my store just about every “guest” believes that they’re elite. It’s next to impossible to get them to apply for a Red Card when they already have it.  Not to mention most of the time I’ll just get a dirty look. I don’t think I’ve done anything to be treated this way. I might wish this on my worst enemy, but that’s it. I find it hard to believe that this is legal. I can think of better ways to get out the Red Card message without terrorizing your employees.


  1. Target sends out tons of ads in the mail to customers nearby. I know because these “guests” toss them in the carts. Target can send out a pamphlet telling about the Red Card.
  2. Target has the cashiers hand a pamphlet to customers who don’t have a Red Card and let the customer think about it. Instead of promoting this adversarial environment.

I come to work to earn a paycheck, not to sell gimmicks to people that have too much money. I also don’t appreciate that babies throwing tantrums, or people who stack mounds of items on my lane and practically bury me in it. Then I get to play race the “guest” just to even things out. These are complaints for another time.


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  • Nergal says:

    Worst of all, I believe Target has all the rights to fire you if you do not earn them enough Red Cards. I believe there are a few people on here who were let go because of that very reason.

  • viciousdave says:

    Who wants a red card anyway? 22.99 % interest rate? WTF? Who wants that? Nobody, and that's why target is failing right now, people know about the high rate of interest. Who wants that? Nobody that knows about the interest being so high. I've sweared at my job before, yet I can't even do that. I only swear when a guest is yelling at me because I deserve my peace for working. Yet target says no that's horrible, you're cut 2 days off from working. WTF? Ummm hmm, thinking thinking oh right the first amendment says free speech by anyone anytime anywhere. Don't discriminate your employees target and don't discriminate against the constitution!

    • Silverfox says:

      There's a simple way to increase your card sign ups. According to the target red faq, people can pay their bill at guest services. Sign people up, send them to customer service to pay their bill off instantly.

      Anyways zellers is gone. We never took personal checks but here was the catch, we did take them if you signed up for our store card. Paid for the order with the store card. You could then pay the bill off instantly customer service with your cheque/ check. Eventually they allowed cashiers to process store card payments at a regular cashier with cash cheque or debit. I processed one of them.

      If I'm not mistaken you can pay your target red card bill at guest services. Use that to your advantage. I know we did lol.

      • viciousdave says:

        True. However most people are making large purchases. That is the point of having a credit card to me, making large purchases so you only have to make small payments on the credit card. It's a way of saving money your worked for. Just pay $5 extra dollars more for the minimum payment and your fine. You see, credit cards aren't for the savings of money to me, they are about making large purchases with them so you can save your money in your bank still and pay $50 a month on the card and not lose straight up $295 you gotta pay for a $300 item and only saved 5 dollars. Or whatever that would be. Credit cards are for large purchases for me so that you can overall save your money up from working to pay off smaller amounts of bills every months instead of paying a huge load here and there. So, why pay a huge load when you can pay small increments? Exactly, that's why I do it, overall paying the small increments every month saves your money you've been earning at work. That way you can actually get to 10,000 or more in your bank every half year or year or so.

        • Silverfox says:

          And the bank's love you for that lol.they make money off of that thinking. I use credit card for the cashback. I save my cashback for bigger purchases like a new phone.


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