Target Sucks - We Hate Target and We Know We're Not Alone.

June 9, 2015 - lovelyrazorwire24

benefits are the bait, and happy employees.

This is with any big cooperation. Benefits are the key to getting you excited to be working at any super store. A great employee discount, and great pay. Target had given me a job in softlines, and to cashier, and mostly it was all about “why you should work here, and not somewhere else” with that being said. I needed a job, so the benefits tactic didn’t affect me because well i just needed good pay, and good hours. It wasn’t until i realized yesterday that $9.00 an hour, and my 15% discount didn’t really matter. it was my first day of training in softlines, and my trainer was really sweet about everything, but she gave me that look. That “you’re gonna hate softlines but just bear it”. As i started.. i began organizing the rack by size, and then it was on to folding.  Folding wasn’t so bad, and i began to think maybe softlines wasn’t as bad everyone said it was, but it was near the end of my shift, and it was off to infants. My heart stopped when i saw infants. It was way over stocked, and the clothes were everywhere.  I have never in my life been so dreaded to work in a specific place. She told me not to bother with the sizes, and just make sure everything is folded, and hangers were in set place. I started off working slowly with the hangers because they were all entangled with each other, finally when i was done with that, i moved on over to the discounted section. the discounted section was 10x worse than than regular hung up clothes.  I spent a good hour trying to fold the clothes, and assorting them. I did it the smart way. I folded them in the cart because sure enough, a lady came in there messing up the table, i was trying to fix, so i folded them in the cart so they couldn’t mess it up. The clothes on the floor were a bit harder. The reason for that is, is because they didn’t have hangers, and the hangers i did find weren’t matched with the size of clothing which irritated me. When i went home, i thought about the benefits, and if the benefits really mattered They don’t. Benefits will not come through your mind when you’re working your ass off for a $300 paycheck.


Yeah, money is money, and you need to make a living, but when you have cooperate whipping your back to push harder, you start to mentally, and physically deteriorate, and that’s when you weigh in your thoughts on how benefits has little impact to your life.

Now my rant on “Happy-go-lucky” employees. When i was being trained. I was being trained by a total kiss ass. He began speaking in really high pitched voice, asking customers over, and over to get the RED card, and talking about the survey’s at the bottom. The thing that irritated me about what he was doing was that he was in no way engaging a conversation with the customer. That’s key in my hand book of good customer service. customers do not like being asked the same thing over, and over again after they say no. So that means if they don’t want a damn RED card, they don’t want one so don’t push it. Me? The first thing i do with a Customer is say hello, and asked them how they are doing. I may ask one out of five if they want a RED card if i see they don’t have one, but usually, they already know what a RED card is, and just don’t want one, which i respect.  I ask customers while I’m checking them out if they have any pets at home because I’m an animal lover, and it’s a good conversation, and when i was engaging with the customer, my trainer would cut me off and talk about the RED card which i thought was fucking rude. The customer had already told us that they don’t want one, and he wouldn’t stop so that really made me mad.

Finally, i was cashiering by myself and it was going really well until another happy-go-lucky coworker came up behind me. she of course was talking loud and fast. Talking about the card over and over, and it was making it hard to interact with my customers when i could barely hear them. I get it, you want to do your job right, and don’t want to get in trouble, but if being yourself, and not a kiss ass is a bad thing then you’re in the wrong place. When i first went into retail almost 2 years ago. i promised myself that i would never be something that I’m not, and i have stuck to that. I got in trouble one time at my old job for handing out free cups of water to those who were sitting in the hot sun, and waiting for their kids to get off the ride. i stood my ground when they yelled at me. I told them that i wasn’t going to regret being nice to the guests, and same applies to target.  i will do what you ask, I’ll let them know about some deals, but i will not be your puppet. I will not let you control who i am, and shape me to be some stiff person who’s personality is nowhere near mine. I will not pressure the customer. I will not “add to their cart”. I will not ignore the customers wish on wanted discounts. i will help the customer. I will engage a conversation with them. i will be myself, and I’ll gladly leave you if your company has a problem with that.




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  • Silverfox says:

    the thing is if you don't push the red card, your hours get and you get retaliated against, coached. Even if they don't want it,

  • badbuck says:

    That's the way to be. The store I use to work at hated that I would stand my ground and challenge them. They thought I was a push over and didn't know my rights within the company. Keep doing you and never let them change you. Remember their supposed ALL ABOUT DIVERSITY!!!!


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