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October 27, 2019 - PepeTheTree

Being a SETL is worse

Through all the shit I had to deal with at my target location, I was only there for about 3 months ( my 90 days), and let me tell you being a manger SUCKS. We were responsible for literally everything in front end. I had no access to Cash Office so on the days when I was alone I was left with no extra money for the front of store, and a lot of angry guests due to me having to close down registers. A lot of people would say “why didn’t you call another TL that has keys, or the store manager at that point”. Every FUCKING time I called anybody to the front I was looked at as though I couldn’t handle it myself and talked to by my ETL  and her saying I could’ve handled it better and why it was crazy on those days. They would leave me alone on full weekends. literally the busiest time for target and they left ME; a TL with no keys, no codes, still within my 90 days, and no help to suffer the wrath of target guests and my ETL the next day. one thing that really sent me over was the fact that our cart attendant had quit and we were short on people who wanted to do it, so we put a guy that was doing registers on cart attendant duty which also means he has to clean the bathrooms. A guest had walked out of the mens bathroom and told me that “it looked like someone exploded in there”. Targets way of doing it was to just throw our newly hired (literally his first day) into the bathroom to fix it, and oh boy let me tell you without being graphic, it looked as though the guy spun on his hands and just let loose on the walls with excrement. Somehow it even managed to be on the ceiling. The cart attendant didn’t know how to even start with that kind of mess which I totally get so I was told to help him. They wanted me a FUCKING manager full-time to clean shit off the walls. Me being stupid I said OK and got to work, I should’ve quit right there, but I didn’t. it took him and I a full hour to get everything sort of cleaned. Basically every day was a rinse and repeat of them being jerks and saying im “not improving” and threatening me about my 90 days getting close. I knew what was going to happen to be honest, you dont have to be the brightest person to know when they’re gonna fire you. I waited until my final day where I drove 40 mins from my house to the target location just to be told im getting let go because of no improvement and they paid me out. I had to then drive about an hour back in traffic due to it being 10am just to be jobless. Target just loves to mistreat people and play with their livelihood and I hope to never work in that kind of place ever again.


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