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October 27, 2013 - Taylor_167

Being a cashier..hate it, need advice

Hello all you Target Prisoners,

I started working at Target a month ago….I HATE WORKING THERE. I was suppose to work hard lines, but instead, they decided to just make me a a first, I thought they were only going to train me then move me on to another task, nope. Stuck at cashiering. They make me do everything there! From carts, to restroom clean up(literally on my hands and knees scrubbing the floor) and of course…zoning. Fun. They push those red cards like crazy and the stupid conversions…no one wants a freaking red card..they make us harass our “guests” so stupid. If you need help at a register, the stupid leaders don’t even respond to you until it’s practically too late. Horrible job, 2 horrible leaders(other 2 are cool), horrible environment. The other cashiers are pretty nice, they hate their job too. I have my 90 day evaluation two days before Christmas..bleh. Not sure how I’m going to do. So far, I have gotten 4 red cards, and have only been there a month…So we’ll see how things go. My conversions aren’t the best right now, so that’s unfortunate.

One of the HRs said that I could be crossed trained after my 90 day eval if my leaders recommend me, hopefully they do. I need to get out of being a cashier, just not my thing. Everyday I dread going to work, dread being in that environment, my shift feels like 95894854 hours. I really wanna quit, but I need the money to pay for further education, (currently balancing college and work)and the discount for the holidays isn’t too bad..well any cashiers/workers out there can help me out? Should I stick it through? Do you think they’ll cross train me? Any words of wisdom?



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  • Silverfox says:

    since it's hiring season right now due to the holidays, try hunting for a new job!

    • Taylor_167 says:

      I wish I could, but it would look bad on my next job if I only worked at Target for a month...hoping my 90 evaluation that they'll cross train me...fingers crossed.

      • Silverfox says:

        Doesn't matter. Look anyways. I only worked for a month at my last job and i got hired at my current one without even cross checking. Better yet go to costco's website and check to see if they're opening anywhere near you soon and apply. There's two new costco's being opened in canada. Hopefully there'll be one near you.

  • viciousdave says:

    I am a full time cashier, been for 5 years. It's harrassment to hell about that red card crap. Than today, I have a scheduled break time, turn my light off, tons more guests, but I have to take my break on scheduled time. I come back, long talk with LOD of GS, says you're not suppose to leave for break when many come. Hmm, last week, a different GSTL told me to take a break on time and not stay for extra guests. So, TLs have now reached a hypocritical decision of one is one way, and the other is the other way. Best bet I can tell you is screw them over by just lying your way that you agree and you can do it and you'll strive for bringing in the red cards and vibe for great guest service. Whatever you tell them about truth, they don't take it literally because I have, told them truth about red cards, 9 out of 10 guests have it, they don't care, they say ask everyone who doesn't than, yup sure. They are all ass kissers of the business so lie your way to them about doing the job the way they want because no matter how much you are honest and suggest new ways or better ways or tell them how much you feel like a hostage or slave or locked up permission needed worker, they never listen and tell you they're way. So keep lying, because they never change, and you'll get your way to the top by keep kissing there ass and lie you way to get past the days. I've tried over 20 times now telling them the truth about feeling like a slave that I can't get my break on time and that they are not following legal workers labor law codes, but they don't care, so keep on lying to there faces.

    • Taylor_167 says:

      Lie about what? Getting Red Cards???

      • viciousdave says:

        Just keep acting like you are doing the job and tell your team leads when they ask you to ask guests about the red card and tell the benefits that you're doing it. Than when you do the job, if you don't feel like asking, don't. That's what I mean by lying. I have OCD, I am not going to ask if a guest wants the red card, I can't stand when a guest says no, no way, I can't do that, it's bad. I don't like the fear of people yelling at me, I can't stand certain actions or how words are used and the tone of words. So I lie to the GSTLs about yeah yeah, I'm trying my best to tell people about the red cards, and than I don't ask guests though cause I just can't.

  • Silverfox says:

    xD has any of your leaders tried getting a canadian with a canadian red card to sign up for one? That'd be hilarious if they did xD.

  • allergy says:

    they said i could cross train if i got enough red cards.

    • viciousdave says:

      That's bullshit they are telling you buddy. I spoke to my store manager directly and she gave me a chance of a day of training in back room, if I liked it, I could of stayed back there, but I didn't like it for the reason of there POA system devices were so whack I didn't know what program for backstock and than add stock, it was like wtf.

  • Hephaestus789 says:

    I've tried getting a Canadian to sign up for a redcard, since they're my states neighbor. Its funny in some ways, cause I mention the red card and then be like, "Oh, there are Targets in Canada now. Did you know that?" its so comical cause I can bullshit it so easily.

    But my opinion on Redcards, they suck and annoying, and we (my Target) put a TM on final warning for not asking every guest about the 5% shit saving. She left the business the next following day, by walking out. I would do the same thing.


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