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December 3, 2011 - ayra32

Before Christmas? C’mon.

So, I began working at the big T about a month ago, as a seasonal employee. I don’t have a car, so I would have to bicycle eight miles there, and eight miles back. Given that it’s about a 40 minute bike to work, to work four hours. I was a little upset. Especially since I was told that I would be getting around 30 hours a week (more like 10-15 hours.) I was hired in at 7.90, and was going to use the money to buy groceries and Christmas presents.
Well, I fudged on my schedule. It was my fault. I thought I was supposed to work from 11-7:30pm instead of 4-8:30am. I show up at 11, go to punch in. And my manager asks me where I had been all day. Not knowing that I was scheduled for 4 in the morning. He then proceeded to tell me that to be a member of the “Target team” You need dedication.  As if biking 16 fucking miles a day in November isn’t enough dedication to the shit hours you’re giving me? He then proceeded to tell me that, as a seasonal employee. I have lost all chance at becoming a regular Target team member, and that I may possibly be fired the next day. Though he still wanted me to work a four hour shift today. And with any employment, i’d assume it’s a little hard to keep a smile on your face, knowing that the next day, you might not have a job.
But, I worked anyway. Knowing that now I may not be able to afford the Christmas presents I had told my mother I was going to buy for my brothers/sister (21, I live with a friend/barely ever see my family)
Seasonal positions only last until the end of December, so why threaten me? I already know I’ll be looking for another job in a few weeks anyway… Well, now I wait to hear what the head master has to say about my pending employment situation.
In a way, I’m sort of hoping I get fired, because there’s only so much I can stand of their pompous self righteous attitudes. Fuck’ em.


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  • jenna says:

    Dude..I quit workin there a lil while back! I totally get where you're comin from. I don't get why they do those lame lil kiddie 4 hour shifts...that was all I got from them as well and some of the hours they'd give me with overlap with times I had class so they wouldn't even bother to work with my schedule and I'd get anywhere from 4-8, occasionally 12-16 and when they had sooo many employees quit, it was the first time I had enough hours but that was short lived. I just felt it wasn't worth it. I had to pay to commute to come out there and for what? Four small hours! It's soo stupid..I don't get why anyone would think ppl would be satisfied with such lil hours. I HATE THAT PLACE! I don't shop there and never will ever again. Don't feel bad about thinkin u were scheduled a diff. happens to like everyone at least once lol.. I was soo pissed cuz our gstl had asked me to cover sum1s shifts but told me a diff. time than what he had written down so I get there and get yelled at it..such b.s. They treat u like shit there and for very lil pay and hours..thats y I decided it wasn't worth it. They won't fire you tho,..its just b.s to scare u! They do it to like everyone. There are people who have had sooo many fuck ups and are still kept permanently! The L.O.D's are the biggest pieces of shits tho..and expect for them to always call u on your days off askin last minute if u can work..they are very disorganized. They don't fire u as easy as they make it seem..the only thing they fire u for, if your a cashier, is not getting redcards. They take that shit soo seriously which is soo ridiculous because they don't tell u all of that during the hiring process..they make it sound like all u need is like one a month but it becomes a weekly expectation the longer you work there and they push you soo hard and don't pay comission or anything for getting soo many! Good luck at that evil wonder their color is red.. satan's store! LOL!


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