Target Sucks - We Hate Target and We Know We're Not Alone.

June 26, 2016 - TarSecret

Been a cashier for 2 years putting in my 2 weeks and couldn’t be happier

Well I applied for a cashier position in a Target at LA, California  And got hired April 2014 worst mistake I ever made. Only reason I lasted two years was because my managers had move me to other departments which I can kiss them for doing that. Things I won’t miss as a cashier Guests or what I cal Strangers/assholes/cry baby’s dude I have done this for 2 years and idk how weed and alcohol helped ALLllot. I was one of the few guys . Seriously it made me pissed how I had to be like “I can help the next guest” constant big ass carts coming my way non stop. -_-t I only got hired cause my boss liked me and I took it cause I needed a JOb! . Anyways this job was more feel like a slave now that I think back when they gave me there own dirty bags and just looking at me put there crap at it. I respect the ones that offered to help me but the ones that didn’t can suck a Fat dick. Oh and couponers I have had guests made me call a manager cause I check there coupons. Well ma’am you can’t use a $10. Coupon off a $1 toothpaste. I’m not that dumb . Or when they give you bullshit coupons I’m glad I won’t deal with that crap nomore. Another being bossed around by a GSA those GSA”s just got that position from sucking the ETL “s dick(metaphorically speaking) they just walk around like there the boss of everyone and tell you what to do. I had some bossy GSA”s but there are good ones too I always respect the ones who treated you more you as a friend and not a minion. Oh ya I won’t miss standing trapped in the stupid box not being able to go nowhere. Luckily my target had a 12 foot of walking distance so I can walk around my area when I choose. Red cards oh red cards how I fucking hate em . It’s hard to meet quota when everyone already has one oh and once we get a red card we get a gay ass prize. Umm give me $5 off my target purchase like my old GSTL and I’d get those like wild fire. Oh and my boss who I think is bisexual evan tho he was engaged …ya if your a cute 2o year old guy this might happen to you at target. Just a week ago he came up pressed his body behind me and put his hand on my arms and started to massage them. Like dude wtf are you doing!. And I have a girl which he knew .. Everyone knew he had a thing for me he even gave me his number just in case i need anything…. Never texted him tho , at times turned my light off to talk To me about personal stuff. Did my best to avoid but hard to avoid an ETL you close with mostly  Kept touching me and coming by my register when ever I was alone ughhhughghh I was so close to take my knife out one time.  it wasn’t easy it haunted me at times. Please don’t think I wanted this cause I didn’t !! I never been sexually harass till I met him nd hope no one goes thru it. So ya be aware of ETL”s who are attracted to 20 year old hotties. They are out there…. and horny Hahahah just had to add that. I was going to tell my HR but target yeah they won’t believe a TM? Hahahahahah there find a way to fire me or the ETL will say I’m a Unproductive employee and there cut my hours. That’s another thing that creepy ETL will leave me alone Now.I was going to put in my 2 weeks in Sept of last year but I was fortunate to go train and become certified in Guest Service. So no cashier during the holidays which if you cashier during the holidays that’s hell ‘ you can’t do shit nor have time to breathe! My area was nice at guest service  it was like having your own private office where you never told what to do every guy wanted to get there but I was the second one. Well me and My other friend. How we get there well you have to be a suck up to the ETL that runs the place. And managers have to like you .Oh and start as a dreadful cashier for 6 months to a year. Except this one girl got to guest service (who no longer works there ) got to GS in 3 months that’s only cause she was fucking the supervisor .but Only flaw there was when a guest yells at you for not getting what they want. Other then that your very lucky you get train there cause instead of picking up crappy cashier shifts you can now pick up guest service shifts. I’m leaving because I’m focusing on Medical School which I’m almost done yup I don’t need to bust my ass off for little money with no insurance plan! And no dental! They make sure you don’t hit full time hours weekly which is why they can care less if they cut your hours. Can’t wait to start working as a MA making guap$$$ and having a fat pay check But target I will never forget working there I had some nice managers some were asses . if you work here good luck … if you want to be cashier well go for it but know it’s a not easy as people think lot of bullshit This is to T0198




  • MrSharkNasty says:

    Based on how you come across you have no business being in the medical field. You sound ignorant and juvenile! Furthermore it's very obvious from your writing the education you have received to date has been lacking.


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